Friday, August 28, 2009

Were you cute in these?

August 28, 2009

I was listening to the radio in the car this morning after dropping CJ off at school, and they were discussing fashions that are making a comeback that had been popular in the '80s. Now, I was not a big fan of the early and mid '80s as that was middle school and high school for me. I have tried to block these times out just like Ruby on the Style channel. Therefore, I didn't think I remembered much about the women's fashions from this era. I mean, sure, I remember leg warmers, but only 'cause of Flashdance. What else was I forgetting?

The first few things they brought up were ones they wanted to come back or already had, like boat shoes and some style of shirt I did not recognize (something neck??). Then women started calling in with fads they loved back then but did not want to come back. Spiral perms, stirrup pants, and the shirts that buttoned at the crotch all made the list. They even mentioned that they wore the stirrup pants with the crotch-buttoning leotard-looking shirts. This sounds like it was a lot of work to me if you had to escape from your clothes quickly. I do remember somebody in a movie or video wearing one of these shirts and while I can't remember who it was, or what movie, I remember thinking it was a pretty awesome style. The deep recesses of my brain are trying to say it was one of the Baldwin brothers with...Kathy Ireland or Cindy Crawford. The Baldwin brother was not wearing the crotch-buttoning shirt.

Anyway, finally a woman called in just as I got home that stole the show for me. She brought up wearing your hair in side pony tails along with an extra big tee shirt so that you could then use a tee shirt disc to thread your shirt through, thus, achieving a pony tail for our shirt. HOW COOL WAS THAT!!

Therefore, since I did not meet Beth until the late '80s, I need photos of her in these outfits. I can only assume she looked darling in them, so I must see. Please help!!

Until someone can come through for me...

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  1. It is a shame that I was young and cute in the '80s, yet relegated to '80s fashion. I never wore the t-shirt ring thing, but I know people who did, sadly. Also too, I worked at a club and had to wear stirrup pants with a leopard shirt. I am not making that up.