Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How much does a 2 liter of California Cooler cost these days?

May 28, 2014

Beth asked me to blog this morning before I go to work.  She is administering finals to students this week which apparently means looking up stuff on the Internet.   Just kidding.  Only for you, sweetie.

I know it has been a while since I posted, but I have worked 29 out of the past 30 days so posting wasn't high on my list of things to do when I have been home.  It is amazing how, in a smaller retail environment, you can go from being over-staffed to under-staffed in a period of 4 days.  My assistant got pulled to cover another store, then one of my shift supervisors got another job and gave me her two weeks, then a cashier walked out with no notice since she had an aversion to people telling her what to do.  It takes at least two weeks to get someone hired and then fate threw in a couple hiccups for good measure, thus, I will not be fully staffed again until June 1st.  May has been rough.  However, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?  I am alive and looking like Charles Atlas over here.  Nice current reference, huh.

So my one day off was Memorial day and it was fantastic.  Beth and I went for a couple walks, I washed both cars, we had some down time on the back patio, and CJ threw some Frisbee with me in the backyard.  Good times.  I hope you all had a good holiday as well.

Beth and I were discussing what beverage would go with lounging on the patio as we do not have a go to beverage.  We don't drink alcohol often so it was hard to decide.  Beth suggested Zima but that would have required a time machine.  So we went with something way more current as Bartles & Jaymes seem to have also gone into retirement.

Therefore, since I do not have oodles of topics for you, I will try to remember some of the funny things that have happened that I wish I could have blogged about.

There was the day that I made myself a salad and put too many of the vegetable peas on it.  When I tried to explain to Beth how I had ruined my salad, I mistakenly told her I had peed on my salad.

We were driving around the other day and a fellow driver made a weird turn at a light and I commented about the clown driving that car.  As we watched him drive by, we noticed that he was actually wearing a clown costume.  We chuckled for a couple miles about that one.

On one of our walks Monday, we encountered a stray dog.  It came up to us very friendly like and would have probably gone home with us.  We then noticed that a man was walking towards us with a leash sans dog.  The stray did belong to him, but the amusing part was how much this dog ignored him as he got closer.  As friendly as it was to us was as indifferent as it was to the owner.  Reminded me of a cat.

Finally, our family has been playing an online game lately called 2048.  It is a numbers game in a box that involves making combinations to add numbers together to ultimately end up with the number 2048 in a square.  CJ and I have achieved this feet as has a friend of Beth's at work.  This friend was upset that when she beat the game her husband told her he beat it also, but had a higher score overall.  You get points the longer you are able to play and make combinations even though they may not result in reaching the goal until you do beat it or run out of moves/combinations to make.  Beth got very close one day with a 1024 in a box and a 512 also.  However, her overall score wasn't all that high.  In my effort to be supportive, I explained that is probably better to win with a lower score since it means you achieved the goal with less moves.  She has endorsed this idea whole-heartily, as has her friend at work.  Great.  Steve, ruining other people's  marriages since 2014.