Sunday, January 26, 2014

Here I go, blogging again.

January 26, 2014

I just got home from shoveling snow at my store.  I am off today, but since the current temperature of 29 degrees is the high for the week, I thought I better shovel the dock today.  I am totally over shoveling snow.  And cold weather.  And shoveling snow.  Good Lord.  Lord good.

I know those of you living in colder climates than Cincinnati are laughing heartily at my displeasure at a few inches of snow, but my question for you is this, "Why the eff do you live there?"  I could not imagine dealing with anything colder than this for longer stretches than this.

However, the visitor's bureaus from warmer climates such as Florida have got to be liking this Polar Vortex.  We just booked a vacation for the Spring just to give us some hope for ever being warm again.  We plan on going to Fort Walton Beach, Florida if any of you have ever been there and have suggestions.  If you have any bad news about going there, please keep your big yapper shut so as to not spoil my moment of zen.

Speaking of visitor's bureaus, I am quite sure the good people who work for the one in Nebraska were not asked to screen the movie by the same name.  Beth and I went to see this movie last night and it did not paint a picture of anywhere I am looking to vacation or relocate to.  Oh look, a cornfield.  I know what we saw does not tell the whole story that is Nebraska (or maybe it does, it is the Cornhusker state), but it certainly didn't do for that state what shows like CSI Miami and Las Vegas have done for their cities.  Sure, people are getting murdered there all the time, but at least the weather and scenery are awesome.

The movie was quite good even though Bruce Dern reminded us of Beth's father towards the end of his life and the gentleman behind us at the theater reminded me of my father.  There is a cemetery scene that concludes with a rather funny moment that made this guy laugh very loudly through the next several scenes.  My father would not have done that, but they both had eerily similar laughs.

Beth and I had this little date night thanks to my son and his girlfriend and their plans.  They went to see Panic at the Disco perform at Bogart's.  Not familiar, haven't you ever heard of closing the gosh-darn door?  That was their breakthrough hit back in 2007.  No, that is not the real title, but that is the line most people remember.  For those of you planning a visit to Cincinnati, Bogart's is not in the best area of Cincinnati.  Unless you are looking to score some heroin.  That is not in the brochure I'm guessing.  So rather than attending this concert, Beth and I decided to drop off at the door, pick up at the door, and hang out close to the venue during the concert.  Thus the movie.  What we didn't know was that since GF's father is a defense attorney here in town, he knows two things.  First, that many of his clients have visited the area around Bogart's.  Second, he knows police officers that can escort his 16 year old daughter to and from the venue and keep an eye on her the whole time.  Yes, he did this.  We met the "bodyguard" and he was very nice.  He was also someone that it would have been a mistake to mess with.  I am wondering if CJ now wonders what his date will be like the first time he takes GF out in a car alone.  Thank goodness we do not own a van.

So good time had by all last night and relaxing time today now that shoveling is complete.  I am going to watch some television and Beth is going to play her iPad game.  I walked in on her the other day and she was looking very intensely at her iPad.  I asked her if everything was okay and she replied, "Hey, I'm busy, this candy doesn't just crush itself!"  She may have a problem with Candy Crush.