Monday, August 3, 2009

celebrity sightings

August 3, 2009

I saw Gillian McKeith at the gym today. You know the British weight loss meanie. It wasn't strange to see her at a gym even though the only exercise I have seen her get on her show is to ride a bicycle with extra large handle bars, but it was strange to see her at my gym.

Okay, it wasn't actually her, but she did look like her. I have the unusual ability to recognize when normal people look like celebrities. Since celebrity sightings are very exciting for us normal folk, it usually gets an arousal of sorts from those I share the information with. They are pretty sure that it is not the real star (especially if they have known me for a long time), but since they so desperately want to believe that it could happen, they look and hope.

I have seen Tim McGraw in Old Navy. Christie almost peed herself.

Melissa Manchester's drunk double thought I was real hot back in my Kmart days.

My best friend's dad looked like Conway Twitty. I was ordered by my friend to NEVER tell his dad that.

My dad looked like Andy Griffith when dad was in his later years and Andy was in his Matlock years.

A little kid once called me Ponch because I looked like Erik Estrada in Chips. I had some big hair back then, yeesh.

My store got very excited when I mentioned Carson Palmer was in the store because the real Chad Johnson (now aka Ocho Cinco) had been in the store a couple days before. I believe someone smacked me when they saw the dude was about 300 pounds and Hispanic. He was wearing a Palmer jersey though.

I must interject a question I just thought of. Beth was talking to her friend on the phone about her high school reunion from this past weekend. She has told me quite a few stories that happened and I have listened intently. I love to hear about other people who are 43 and have grandchildren as it makes me feel better about myself. Don't know why, it just does. However, what caught my attention, was when she told her friend that people were drinking so much that she knew it was time to go when some dude kissed her full on the mouth. Hmmm? Why did I not get this story first hand I wonder? I know she did not like the event because she did not say it like it was a good surprise. She also did not come home all riled up for some lovin', so no one at the fiesta got her aroused like that I assume. However, I wonder what reaction I would get if Beth got wind second hand about some intoxicated female planting one on my lips. Hmmm?

Today is free coffee Monday at UDF. We went this morning and are considering going back. Would that be wrong? We are on vacation... I think we go. Until they run out of french vanilla creamer...

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