Wednesday, August 5, 2009

vacation day 3

August 5, 2009

Can you believe it is August 5th already? This is very horrifying for Beth and CJ as school starts on August 18th. If something good were happening on August 18th, it would seem like a long way away, but for school starting back up, it is coming like a freight train.

There are no big plans for today, just a play to go to at the high school tonight put on by high schoolers, and then a sleep over for CJ and his buddy. The sleep over is due to a new release of some map pack for Call of Duty coming out on August 6th. They boys hope to buy it as early as possible on Thursday so they can play all day. I have not even made the suggestion that if they buy it at midnight, they can just play all night. I am assuming it is available at midnight since it is an on line release. Should I say something...still deciding.

Today will probably be a continuous post since I have nothing major to bring up. Hanging around Beth and CJ means something amusing will happen soon.

Do garbage men try to be annoying? I do not in any way, shape, or form envy the job of a garbage man (like I do that of a milk man), but I do not understand the mentality of their actions. We get two pickups on Tuesdays, one for garbage and one for recyclables. We are allowed one can of each as more would cost extra. So the garbage truck goes down our street and it has an arm that they push a button and it picks up the can, dumps it, and then puts it down. I think this is a nice invention for the guys since then one guy can drive the truck and handle the dumping. I used to wonder who got to decide who drives the truck. I always assumed seniority. Anyway, the one can that has been dumped so far is now sitting in the middle of the street. How hard would it have been to put it back up on the grass? Mr Bake, the neighbor from across the street, is able to park his car up on the grass, why can't they roll the can back up there? Perhaps that costs extra as well.
Can you believe Beth just got into her mom's BRAND NEW CAR with muddy shoes? Sure they don't look muddy now, but they were muddy after our walk last night. She stepped in some mud after vacating the sidewalk for some bike riders. Bike riders apparently have the right-of-way on the sidewalks. So her mom has this new car as her old car was causing her 3 hour long grocery trips since they frequently included calls to AAA to wrap them up. She thought the 1994 Mazda was going to be her last car. She is 70ish and her mom lived to be 90ish, so Beth decided it was probably not her last car. After some arm twisting, she bought a new Honda. Beautiful car. She loves it. She puts towels down on the floor to protect the floor mats. Did I mention Beth has muddy shoes on in her car? Two left, perhaps only one comes back...
I just watched garbage man pick up can #2. He does not even need to get out of the truck to hit the button and have the claw arm of destruction pick up and dump the can. I used to wonder how people with physically demanding jobs would become overweight. I am not wondering so much anymore. He did have to get out of the truck next door as the claw arm of destruction knocked over the can before it picked it up. He looked a bit miffed.

I put the cans away even though Beth asked CJ to do it. He was just going to finish "one more round of zombie killin' before he got to it. 30 minutes later, I did it myself. He did not get off scott free as I made sure he knew I took care of it. He came to give me a hug (right during the middle of a fat princess game). I asked if he thought this made up for his transgression, and he correctly said yes. BTW, he has been told by mom that she does not like the name of this new PS3 game, so he has taken to calling it "weight challenged princess".
Both have returned. Apparently unharmed.
Today has taken on no new developments, so I will post this and hope for some unusual happening later. Until the paper boy comes....

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