Friday, August 28, 2009

Beth, get the sign ready

August 28, 2009

I took CJ to school today and we were discussing his normal bus ride and its route as we drove. I did not realize it, but he says his bus picks him up and then turns down our street on its way to the next stop. It would, therefore, drive right by our house. We discussed that this was a bit strange since he had to walk to the corner to get the bus that was then going to drive right by our house.

I am a little skeptical of this as a couple days per week I am home after he goes to the bus stop, and I don't remember a bus going by our house around that time, and CJ is usually chatting it up pretty good after he gets on the bus, so it wouldn't surprise me if he were wrong about this. However, if he is right, I need to be ready.

Once confirmed, my plan is to let him get on the bus as usual, and then wait out in front of our house for it to drive by. My plans include waving, blowing kisses, and having an "I love you CJ" sign ready as they go by. Wouldn't any kid be thrilled? When I mentioned this plan to CJ, he did not seem thrilled. His counter measures included squirt guns and sling shots. Really? Do you really think this would be embarrassing to a seventh grader? No...that's what I thought.

Next Tuesday, I will be ready.

Until he gets the whole bus to moon me on the way by...

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