Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All good things must come to an end

August 11, 2009

Sadly, this is day 9 of my 9 day vacation. Returning to work tomorrow will not be a welcome addition to my life as it means getting up at 5am and probably working a 12 hour day. I am going to read my work e-mail in a couple minutes, as there are around 70 waiting for me in there, and I would like to take some of them off my plate for tomorrow. I have been good about not reading them this vacation as there always arises some problem that just gets me irritated. It is also back to college/back to school time, so I know there will be some work for me to take care of upon my return. Unfortunately, I can't make a living killing zombies with CJ. I think he would let you know that if there were money in playing Nazi Zombies, I would go very, very hungry.

Just a quick word to Beth and CJ, thanks for making this staycation rival any vacation I have ever been on. It is extremely nice to know that staying home can be as much fun as going to Florida, or anywhere else for that matter. You guys rock!!

I just got one of those mocking fruit flies! In college, my roommates would kill the cockroaches in our dorm room and then tape them to the wall to warn off the other cockroaches. I would do the same with this dead fruit fly, but I don't remember that cockroach/tape thing working very well. It always amuses me that all of us actually graduated from college after some of the things we did. Remember how funny David Letterman was back then? Out afternoon learning was centered around The Price Is Right. The things I can recall learning had more to do with what groups my suite mates would listen to when they were getting stoned (Rush mostly), than they did learning what the significance was asking if the hole in a doughnut actually existed. Pardon me professor, did you say there were doughnuts? He was not taken aback quickly as he replied "no, just the holes are left". I guess that is why he got to put the letters D and R in front of his name. That made them more handy when I asked questions in class. When he could not think of anything snappy, he could just say "drrr".

Until I get another day off, 6 days from now...

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