Thursday, August 6, 2009

vacation day 4

August 6, 2009

Is it wrong to have just finished eating a pecan pie that was bought on Tuesday? Yes, a whole pecan pie just eaten by me in three days. May I remind you that I am on vacation? I am using this as my excuse. I have also exercised almost every day, so in my diet book, I am okay to eat poorly as long as I have worked out. While I think many people would subscribe to my diet plan (minus the working out part of course), I don't think I will get my own weight-loss show based on my basic principles.

I have also justified no more projects for today by having unloaded the dishwasher. Beth is usually very impressed with me when I get a few projects done rather early in the day, but she doesn't know that this generally means I plan on doing very little the rest of the day. Don't tell her, okay?

The Call of Duty sleep over will be ending in a half hour or so. The only hitch in this plan (to buy the map pack 3 with CJ's buddy) is that PlayStation has still not released it. I do not know what the hold up is as they do not need to wait for UPS to deliver it or for the check to clear. Color me confused.

I have just finished ranking my players for the upcoming fantasy football draft 2009. Can you say fantasy geek? For the record, I have played fantasy sports (football and baseball only) for 18 years. I keep doing it because if you have been working at something for 18 years, and you like it, why not keep doing it?

I do not know if it reflects on me more positively or negatively to say that I do an automated on line draft, I do not go to the bar with buddies to have a live draft. I have done this before when I was in my 20's, because computers did not exist back then. We had to chisel our teams into stone tablets which took a bit longer. This was, however, made more exciting if you had a beer in one hand and one eye on the Hooters girl serving a the next table. The only real reason to keep an eye on her was to not catch her hair in your back swing while chiseling. No, really. I just went there for the food. I do remember a grouper sandwich that was quite tasty. I am surprised I remember much about my last visit (in 2001) as I got caught up in the "one more beer" phenomenon. You know how you would have been fine the next day had you not had that "one more beer"? I had to work the next day. I remember waking up fully dressed (on time by some grace of God), coming my hair with the snow brush in the car, and being very grateful that the Asset Protection Office at work was kept very cold. If only I had not had the last beer...

Those days of drinking are behind me and I don't miss them as much as I would have thought. I don't dislike a tasty beverage or frown on the intake by others, I just don't find that I "need" it when I go out or come home from a long day anymore. I do wish I knew what my friends meant when they would tell me how funny I was the night before at Dana Gardens when I had tied one on. Funny-hysterical, funny-embarrassing, or funny-peculiar I always wondered but was afraid to ask. Donald Trump once said that he and his father would not imbibe when they would go on business lunches with potential partners or adversaries, and they always seemed to come out ahead in the deal. I doubt this was due to coincidence. I'm guessing Donald's potential dates also imbibe a bit in order to not notice that hair style. Another unanswered question.

We are leaving soon on a downtown adventure, so perhaps I will post later. There is a Hooters down by the river, so maybe Beth and CJ are hankering for a grouper sandwich. Hopefully, they do not still have chisels. Until I come home unscathed...

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