Friday, August 14, 2009

Did you know that God makes chips stale?

August 14, 2009

So upon leaving work last night I called Beth and asked if I could bring home a taco salad from Taco Casa. She readily agreed as that is one of the few things she cannot refuse. It comes with a side order of chips as it is a taco salad. We do not eat it with the chips as the salad alone is plenty yummy and plenty bad for you. We also do not order it minus tomatoes or beans the way CJ would like it as we would then have to share with him (may need to change the name of my blog). Thus, there sat the leftover unopened chips on our table all the ding dang day with Beth all by her lonesome in the house. It is like torture to a woman who had lost weight and wants to keep it off (except when eating taco salad).

So I arrived home to a dinner prepared and ready by my wonderful bride (jealous much) and then sat in front of the computer to check out my sports world and fav blogs. I could not resist the call of the chips and dug in. They were stale and not so yummy. I called to Beth to share this news. She was ubber proud of herself for abstaining all day, but was eying the OPENED bag of chips with longing in her eyes. I told her they were stale and she gladly exclaimed that God must have made the chips stale. I was unaware that He had time for this sort of intervention, but was glad that it worked out for her. I also told her that perhaps she should not drink so much Coke Zero tomorrow as she is a bit hyped up right now.

Beth is going to go to the mall to continue her search for clothing appropriate for 43 year old women who don't want to dress like 23 year old women. I am going to go watch my Bengals play some preseason football. Hopefully, no one breaks their leg and is carried across the goal line by their father. Beth found that video and attached it as a comment for me. I punched myself in the shoulder several times to keep from crying, and I think the feeling has passed. Now my shoulder kinda hurts though. Hmmm.

Until I find a better way to handle my emotions...

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