Thursday, August 13, 2009

Did you ever want to be that guy?

August 13, 2009

I was watching the Reds game tonight, which is a pretty good indicator of the quality of tonight's television lineup, and I saw Jonny Gomes for the Reds just hit his third home run. It is only the 6th inning, so he has a chance to hit his fourth of the game later, which I think has only been done once before. Whenever I see accomplishments like this in a sporting event, or in a made for t.v. movie for that matter, I start to weep like a little girl. Don't be upset, it's just an expression. I don't know that little girls weep more than little boys, it is just an expression I have always used. Anyway, I think there are two reasons I start to well up whenever an athlete has a big moment or a television show has a tender moment.

First, in a television show, it is usually a lost child type moment where a child is reunited with a parent. I can't imagine being a parent in that situation and not having CJ right where I know he is safe and sound. Worse, if I ever lost him or Beth, I don't know how life goes on. When I contemplate these types of scenarios, it makes me cry (almost). I lost CJ in Dave and Busters once for about 30 seconds and it seemed like 30 minutes. Fortunately, a girl had seen him run around the back of a machine and knew I would be looking. He was only 5 or so, but already he was being called by the video games.

The second near tear jerker for me, is when an athlete does something special. What hits me in the soft spot is either how hard they worked to get to that point and finally get there, or that I wish it was me doing something that awesome. I think since I want it so bad, it makes me that much happier for that person to know what it must feel like.

It's not like when the Dolphins make Hootie (Darius Rucker) cry because he is just sad that his team is losing. If I cried every time one of my teams lost, I would be constantly dehydrated. I just would like to stand in that moment when you reach a goal that you have worked hard to achieve, especially if no one thought you could. Then I would soak it up and realize what an opportunity it would be, like winning a championship coaching one of CJ's teams or something.

Did you ever see the highlight of a track athlete who was either in the Olympics or the Olympic trials, I forget which, and pulls a muscle in the backstretch? He gets up and tries to finish the race even though it is obvious he can barely walk and there is no way he can win. Finally, his father runs out and helps him finish the race. OMG, I am welling up just telling you about it. If I was ever needing to act out a scene that involved me crying, I would just need to channel that moment.

Gomes is due up soon, and I am too tired to go on (and a little emotionally spent). Therefore, I will finish this post. Thanks for the shoulder to ALMOST cry on. Until I need another box of tissue...

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