Friday, August 7, 2009

vacation day-training camp

August 7, 2009

Today is the day we are going to do the one thing I requested to do this week, Bengals training camp. My other requests to achieve some rest and relaxation and to spend great time with CJ and Beth are also being achieved. However, this is the big event that I called out as something I wanted to do. I am sure something will go wrong.

Yesterday, Beth tried to get her "wish" of going to the park downtown and crossing the Purple People Bridge into Newport to get a cupcake at Cold Stone Creamery. It didn't go as planned as the cupcakes only came in 6 packs (which has worked out well for CJ), and then CJ fell on the bridge on the way to the park. Fortunately, CJ did not fall OFF the bridge, that would have been a whole other suckfest as I would really have had a decision to make. First, I am not a great swimmer. Second, the water looked really muddy and gross yesterday. I really like CJ, but did I mention that the water looked gross? As it turned out, he scraped his leg and we had to cancel the park tour.

I do know the cupcake thing has worked out for CJ as he ate two yesterday and wants the last one today. I just sent him outside for a bike ride and before he left, he opened the freezer door (they are cupcakes with ice cream in the middle) and whispered "goodbye cupcake" into the freezer. I heard him and clarified his affection. He owned up, we laughed, and he is out biking. I think Beth liked the cupcakes as well, but did not like the scale this morning.

As for the trip to training camp, I have made the potential for disaster even greater by suggesting we take all back roads from Cincinnati to Georgetown, Ky. I have never done it before, but I know we will end up stuck somewhere with a flat tire and some banjo playin' dude showing up to help us in his pickup truck. I realize it may be difficult to play the banjo while driving his truck, but with all the texting and kids playing guitar hero while driving, how different can it be? Besides, I think you missed the point, we will be in the back roads of Kentucky, and I have a really pretty mouth. Ugh, I think I went too far.

Anyway, I am the one who put pressure on us to leave by a certain time, so I better go get in the shower and make this thing happen. I hope to post tomorrow about how awesome it was, provided we all return alive and well. Until Ned Beatty comes to my rescue...

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