Tuesday, August 4, 2009

vacation week

August 4, 2009

This is my R and R vacation week from Target. We have no out-of-town plans for the week, except for Bengals training camp on Friday, so it is a chance to just rest and recharge. The fortunate happenstance for me, (is that I was able to use happenstance in a sentence) and that I really like my family. Beth and CJ are fun to hang around, so it is not like we have to escape town to have a good time. Besides, the money we save by staying home lends itself to some splurging while we are here. There are certain things we like to do, but try not to do too often as they could get expensive. These usually involve eating out. Our favorite restaurants are on this list in no particular order after the first two:
  1. Ambar Indian Restaurant-Clifton (Tiki chicken and Tiki Masala...YUM!)
  2. Don Pablos-our favorite is in Rookwood (luv me a good taco salad with chicken)
  3. Chipotle (now that I have learned how to order there)
  4. Taco Casa (taco salad sounds healthy with the world "salad" in the name, but it has a lot of cheese and ranch dressing)
  5. Wendys (we are a simple folk)
  6. Montogomery Inn (CJ has never been to the boathouse and is really pushing for some ribs, can't say I blame him)
  7. The Irish Pub place in Newport (I can never remember the real name, but that's what we call it-great sandwiches)
  8. Cheesecake Factory (not just for the cheesecake, but the meals are excellent too-we split meals since the portions are HUGE)
  9. The Pancake House in Montgomery (get there before the lines and be ready to loosen your belt when you leave)
  10. First Watch (see above comment about your belt-perhaps elastic waist pants would be better, mmm)
  11. Revolving restaurant above Quality Inn in Covington (haven't been there in forever, but promised CJ we would go sometime and eat while we are spinning)
  12. Subway (5...5$ foot longs...) It is in walking distance.
  13. AM PM at BP gas station (Beth and I have a french vanilla coffee addiction-we don't actually eat there)
  14. Kroger Fresh Fair (we do sometimes eat there for convenience and CJ likes their pizza, but we really like to graze on free samples-moo)

I can't think of any others. It's not like we don't eat anywhere else, but these are the top ten. I know there are 14 places listed, but you can't really count a gas station, a grocery store, a place you haven't been to in 20 something years, and a place with a cool jingle, can you?

I don't think we can make it to all these places this week. We were counting on a free meal and a good time tonight at National Night Out. It is a volunteer event for Target put on by the police department to get in touch with local communities and build partnerships between the police and fire departments and the local people. Target has been involved for several years and Beth, CJ, and I love to go and help out. However, a storm is passing through and it sounds like it has been cancelled. Bummer! I guess seeing the fire department and medical squads in action first hand due to lightning strikes wasn't the partnership they were looking for.

Until they decide what to do with all the donated food...

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