Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yo dude, where's the party?

July 11, 2010

Yesterday I went out to trim the bushes in our front yard.  They have needed a good trim for a few weeks now, so Beth was very excited that this got accomplished.  She was almost giddy.  She loves me again, so plank got returned to the stores we borrowed them from.  Both planks.  She is not hiding one in the closet.  You would love me too if you saw the wonderful job I did trimming the bushes and cleaning up after myself.  Here's an idea, why don't I post a photo for you to see my wonderful bush trimming results? 

Aren't I funny?

As Neil Diamond would say, "so good, so good, so good".  I like the fact that we have kept these trimmed down to bushes and not let them become a hedge.  Exhibit A, next door at my neighbor's house.

I snuck that photo while grabbing the paper this morning.  He keeps them well manicured, but I find them to be a little large.

While outside, I encountered the shell of a cicada.  Do you have cicadas where you live?  They are supposed to come around to certain parts of the country every seventeen years.  We last saw them here in Cincinnati in 2004.  They were everywhere.  It was very crunchy and loud to take a walk around here.  However, every once in a while, we will find evidence that one surfaced recently.  Exhibit B.

This is just the shell of the insect, the actual insect has moved on. 

 There were a couple of shells lying about, but the other had been trampled upon.  What I am wondering, is how do you mess up setting your internal alarm such that you are either 6 years too late to the party, or 11 years too early?  Imagine your frustration.  I am guessing that the reason for two shells is that it was a husband/wife team that showed up at the wrong time.  We could debate for days whose fault it was that this couple showed up at the wrong time for the party, but ultimately I have to believe that it was the female cicada's fault.  You know male cicada was sitting in the car waiting while female cicada was yelling out the window, "one more thing..or almost ready...or have you seen my extra skin...or did you unplug the plant nutrient blender...or what if Cindy and I are wearing the same thing...or do you have your glasses...or are you sure the invitation didn't say 2021 instead of 2010?"  ?!?!?!?!?!?  Uh, whose fault did I say it was?  Clearly, I may have been mistaken.


  1. No, us Portlanders don't have cicadas because we aren't DISGUSTING.

    I'm half kidding. I'm trying to think of what is gross here that we have that you may not have, but nothing comes to mind.

    Oh, and I'm very impressed with how you trimmed the bushes! Is there no way to say that without sounding a little dirty? But you are right, they look better than the neighbors.

  2. Not even potentially lethal snails?