Saturday, July 10, 2010

Help! We're sinking!!!!

July 10, 2010

Cancel the Coast Guard, we are actually sink shopping.  Beth bought one yesterday after another long, intense search.  We needed one by Monday so the guy who comes to measure for our BRAND NEW COUNTERTOP has the dimensions of the sink for more accurate measurements.  Yes, you read correctly, we have ordered, and plunked down money for, a Formica countertop.  You will get after pictures when that is done, but it may be awhile.  Therefore, to avoid any needless angst over what it will look like, the countertop color will be Ebony Oxide.  The gentleman who came to sell it to us brought his own samples, but loved the one Beth had picked out much better.  Shocking!  The guy trying to sell us $1000 of merchandise loved Beth, her color choices, and her paint job on the cabinets.   He was quite the salesman. 

One tidbit of information he did share with us lets me know that some of you are very good at keeping your opinions in check.  When Cabinetpak people get together to chat about cabinets around the country, they share information about what cabinet styles and colors are doing well.  I'm sure they also check out local bars, golf courses, and bible study groups, but they also talk about cabinets.  It turns out that white cabinets are not the most popular across the country.  Cincinnati skews all their numbers by purchasing 94% of the white cabinets that Cabinetpak sells.  94%!!  Cincinnati also has a high viewership for reality television, but are those two things related?  Can't figure out how.  Anyway, it does tell me that probably none of you looked at our new white cabinets and thought you needed those in your home right now.  Cabinetpak dude (yes, I am hoping for an additional discount by mentioning Cabinetpak as many times as possible) said that California sells a lot of orange and lime green cabinets.  We saw an orange back splash in a local show room and could not stop thinking about sherbet.  It is funny how tastes vary by household and by region.

Okay, picture time. 

This is the old doorbell cover that we had in the hallway.  It also randomly broadcasts the radio episode of the War of the Worlds that made Orson Welles famous.

This is the sleek modern one that Beth installed all by her little self.  It also actually works.  When someone would ring the doorbell before, we would hear nothing except the door bell cover crashing to the floor due to the vibrations.  No bell.  While it did alert us to someone at the door, we did not think it would work well with a new floor.  It may have also violated some OSHA safety codes.  If we were ever to throw a party, everyone would have to wear hard hats until the last guest arrived.

These are two samples planks of our new floor from McSwain's Carpets.  They grow their Armstrong Floor samples big at McSwain's.  You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a McSwain's here in the Cincinnati tri-state area, so we have thought about getting one sample from each location and we would be very close to having a new floor for free.  Beth loves this floor.  I caught her in bed with it yesterday.  She calls him plank.  I know calling it Matt would be appropriate too, but her brother's name is Matt, and that borders on grossness.  It is a long story why we have settled on Armstrong vinyl flooring, but if you want to know, you can stop by and we will tell you all about it.  Bring coffee as the story is not nearly as riveting as you might think.


This picture is of Beth making eggs and bacon for CJ and his friend who had a sleepover last night.  No, they did not sleep, so I could call it a hangover, but that doesn't sound right either.  What's that?  You can't see the photo?  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh, yeah.  Um, the possibility existed, if I left that photo on the blog, that CJ's new daddy would be called plank.  Or Mr. Plank number two.  Mr. Plank number one would be in prison for the murder of Steve.  Did I mention that plank is made of vinyl and is quite large?  It turns out that Beth can swing a mean plank.  Sammy Sosa on steroids has nothing on Bethie in pink jammies not wanting her photo on the blog.

This is a frog we found hanging on our back door last night.  He was trying to perform the long-standing prank called ding-dong-dash.  We caught him green-handed.  How do I know it is a he?  Look at the picture more closely.  Actually, this was a first for us.  We do not live near any water.  I have limited (limited being none at all) knowledge of reptiles, so I suppose it could be a tree frog...or a prince.

That is it for now.  A guy is coming today to measure for our new counter top.  Other than that, I have to trim the bushes in the front.  Sounds exciting, I know.  It may turn out to be when I am randomly attacked by a plank-wielding frog.  By the way, are you still looking closely at the frog photo?  Well, cut it out, ya perv.  This is nothing to see, I was just kidding.

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  1. *sigh* So still no picture of Beth?

    You know, our cupboards are white in our apartment. I just don't like them because EVERYTHING is white in our apartment, including myself and my husband. Ha! Made a joke.

    I think the new floor will look awesome.