Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can't we just look at pictures of Farrah Faucet?

July 13, 2010

Beth is currently watching the show Hoarders.  I like when she watches it because she instantly goes and throw something away when the show is over.  Not that we have rooms full of unneeded stuff, but we have small piles of stuff that are no longer needed.  I do not expect or want Beth to start throwing away aaaaah moment stuff.  You know, that stuff you pick up that is a memento of young CJ, or memorable moment, or fun event that makes you say "aaaaah". 

I cannot watch Hoarders.  When I see the rooms and/or houses of these poor souls, I cringe.  I understand that their need to hoard is based on some latent psychological disorder or trauma, but I cannot watch them go through it.  It is the same with shows about overweight people, or addicted people, or stupid people.  Except I can watch Wipeout.  I think it is the competition factor, not the people bouncing off the big balls.

Don't you hate when you misspell a word so badly that even spell check can't figure out what you were trying to type?  I keep spell check on while I type so every 30 seconds I am reminded of what a poor typist I am.  Like now, apparently I don't have spell check on, I have spleel check on?!?   However, rather than having a physiclogical (psychological) disorder, I more accurately have a not so smart disorder.  I ain't stupid, I am just a bad typist, as Loretta Lynn would kinda say.

I have no segue for this next topic.  So I found Beth on the computer in the middle of the night and wondered if she was secretly addicted to porn.  Faithful reader 12days (who just changed her picture to her with closed eyes.  Did you lose your sunglasses?) has asked for more information about Beth, but as it turns out, Beth is not into that kind of porn.  You can cross that off her "likes" list.  She is, however, into faucet porn.  She is obsessed with faucets.  Yes, we need a new one, but there are sooo many.  It is the chicken and the egg conundrum as to whether you choose your sink hole criteria first, or you faucet first.  What kind of faucet you get can tell you if you need a sink with one hole, three holes, or four holes.  OR, what kind of sink you get will tell you if you need a faucet that fits one hole or three holes, or four holes.  We have assumed it would be a good idea if the two coordinated.  You can check out Playfaucet yourself to see what kinds there are, but let me just warn you about something.  Even after you fulfill the faucet style you like and the sink that coordinates, you then have to pick the finish of the faucet.  Stainless, brushed satin, brushed nickel, etc.  Oy vey

I say we take a break from all these faucet web sites and revisit my favorite childhood faucet.



  1. Omigosh, I'm into faucet porn too! Let me dig up the number to my support group. Faucets Anonymous.

    I'm so FLATTERED you noticed my picture changed! And while yes, I did not have my sunglasses, I started something new if it's too bright outside for a photo. Instead of squinting and being in pain with my light, delicate eyes, I just close them and after the picture is taken I say, "I think I might have blinked." I can't tell you how much trouble that's saved me.

    If you start having trouble picking out the final faucet, post them up. My opinion is desired in 3 of the 50 states.

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