Friday, July 30, 2010

I've got range

July 30, 2010

Not only am I a tremendously gifted actor, but I've got a new stove.   Well, we have a new stove.  But I helped with the purchase.  As you can see, it matches the other two appliances and officially puts and end to our appliance purchasing for a while.  Thank goodness.  So, take a gander.

People keep telling us that the smooth surface cook tops are tough to clean, but how much tougher can they be than coils and drip pans?  I dropped a screw under a coil the other day and found food we haven't eaten for years.  I think we will give this smooth thing a try.

We also had Joe over today to move the plug behind the island so we can plug in the microwave without a cord showing.  Moving the window seemed like a much tougher solution.  Like Barbie would say about math class, moving the window is tough.

Friday is the last weekday of my vacation and is supposed to be the best weather day of the week, so we plan on doing something outside.  We thought about going to see the Bengals practice down in Georgetown, Ky, but with Terrel Owens joining the team, it seemed like every crazy would be out.  We have gone the past two years and I have enjoyed it, but I am something of a sports junkie.   I stand alone in our family.  Beth always pretends she is enjoying it so I won't feel bad about dragging them along, but CJ is not into it.  Unless the guys started pulling out AK47s and shooting each other, he would rather be playing PS3.  Therefore, putting up with the media circus was not in the cards this year.  We may go see a Reds' game since there are fireworks after.  That would prove big fun for all and not as much driving.

The next step for the kitchen is the last big step-counter tops.  When, hard to know.  Even in this tough economy, it seems that Cabinet Pak is busy.  Until then, I may have to find something more interesting than our kitchen to talk about.  How could there be anything more interesting than our kitchen?  I know.  Maybe CJ will steal something.  We can only hope.

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  1. Maybe a picture of your wife for me to oggle? Too creepy?

    I like your appliances. Speaking of those coils and drip pans, Jesse's aunt was up a while ago, and I had a burner on and it was stinking up the joint. She asked about it and I said there was some food under there that was stuck and burning. And she said, "Do you ever clean the pans out?"

    Do you know how stupid I felt that you can actually clean those things out? I am no Susie homemaker, but it's just embarrassing how little I know in the kitchen. I would love the style stove you have now!