Friday, July 2, 2010

Are we going to Disney World?

July 2, 2010

Beth and I are too excited to sleep.  Have you seen that Disney commercial where the little boy can't sleep because his family is traveling to a Disney theme park the next day?  The boy was very cute.  Sometimes Beth and I joke that we are too excited to sleep before something good is to happen the next day.  The big event for tomorrow?  If my brother and/or sister are reading (which is doubtful no matter how much I beg), the event is getting to see them in Louisville tomorrow.  We are driving down and my sister is driving her family up from Atlanta.  We will be meeting at my brother's home. 

If they are not reading, the real reason we are excited is because we found a flooring store with potential.  We got there after they closed today, so all we could do was drool through the windows.  The windows were pretty dirty, so our drool may have cleaned them up a bit.  The store carries wood and laminate at good prices.  We still cannot afford the wood, but we really liked the potential of the laminate they had. 

Are we ready for floors, you may ask.  Well, yes these are Bugle Boy jeans I am wearing.  I don't know, I just have that expression in my head all the time and it has to come out.  I know a couple of you are too young to have seen that commercial or heard of Bugle Boy jeans, but whose blog is it anyway?

YES!! We are ready for wood floors.  Prepare to be bedazzled at the completion of cabinets AND our bathroom vanity.  Please do not ask about the basement.  Without further ado:



Just look at the cabinets, not the crooked towel or the calendar on my fridge.  Did Beth not do a fantastic job?!  She is awesome.  Anal, yes.  But awesome!!  You can't see the satin chrome handles or hinges very well, but they look terrific.  However, you can probably see why we need new counter tops, new flooring, and new appliance.  Almond colored appliances aren't the whole problem.  Appliances not from the 1970s is what we are looking for.  Though the look of the chrome dish washer really outshines the stove and fridge.  We are still working on a wall color for behind the cabinets as well. 


The bathroom!!!!  Hey are you looking at the crooked towel??  Are you sleeping with the enemy??   At least I closed the toilet seat this time.  Look at the height difference.  We did not add tile, the vanity is taller.  I think the previous owners were Ooompa Looompas.

So we have drawers that work, an outlet that is to code-and moved to the side wall, the light is raised, and the mirror ate some steroids.  Oh yeah, the faucet is new too.  Other than some touch up painting and some caulk work, bathroom is done.  Hallelujah!!  Yes that is our bath tub.  It can only be used by Flat Stanley.

So there it is.  I will be brief tonight as I must get to bed and not sleep.  We are going to the floor place and then driving to my brother's.  Priorities people. 

Just in case I do not get to post, happy Independence Day to all of you.  Freedom rules!

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  1. How's that basement coming?

    The bathroom and kitchen look AWESOME!!

    I'm glad to hear you'll be painting the kitchen, because with those white cabinets and maybe a light blue (hint) in the background it will look great.

    And that sink looks so beautiful! We have a sink like your old one, except a little crummier because it's a rental, and I'm so jealous of how great your's looks.

    Go Beth!