Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Anniversay, I bought you an island

July 27, 2010

Today is the 19th anniversary of the nuptials of Steve and Beth.  At this time 19 years ago, we were preparing for Beth's big day, and Beth was helping find her brother some pants.  Yes, that is what the bride's big day is all about, making sure one of her six brothers wears pants to her wedding. 

Fix hair and makeup, check.
Look beautiful in dress, check.
Get to the church on time, check.
Make sure brother number five has pants and a sport coat to look good in the family photo, check.

Ironically, said brother is not in the family photo at the wedding as he had disappeared to the reception already.  For the record, he did look good.

Beth looked quite awesome as well.  It had been a trying time to get to that moment, and it went off great.  Nineteen years later, it has still been great.  There are still some trying times in our lives, but we have certainly become very comfortable together and are able to get through the trying times together and are still in love.  I think I love her more and appreciate her more every day.  As I look at our future lives together, I am always grateful that I will be spending them with my best friend. 

Not to spoil the sentiment, but I accidentally typed tying times instead of trying times, but I assure you that Beth is not into that.

In fact, I love Beth so much, that I bought her an island.  It is not so much like those commercials that advertise that you can buy a loved one the perfect gift-a star.  You can pay to have a star named after whomever you choose.  And they can get a certificate, and a photo I think, of the star named after them.  Do people really like this sort of gift?  Talk about a gift for someone who has everything.

Well, Beth does not have everything, she needed an island.  I will show you a photo of where Beth will be getting leid.  CJ, if you are reading this, not to worry, a lei is one of those things they hang around your neck when you swim ashore in Hawaii.  You can still slice your bagel on the new kitchen island.  And Ewww, I know.

Ta daaa, our neighbor's window!

This wonderful piece has been purchased at Ikea and assembled by the two people who like each other enough after 19 years of marriage to assemble furniture together.  Impressive, I know.  So is the new light fixture above the island.  And our neighbor's back porch.

Beth would have preferred I cleaned up the shoes or let her arrange the shelves or move the electrical outlet or figure out the wall paint color or any number of things before I took the photo, but she understands that my followers (and lurkers) need to see the new island AND THE BRAND NEW FLOOR!!

I know we kind of seem like Imelda Marcos with shoes in every photo, but really it is just that CJ has two pair that he leaves just about everywhere.  And anywhere for that matter.  So the lighting quality is not great, but the new floor is awesome.  We also love the island.  New appliances were purchased on Sunday and will be delivered this week.  I told Beth I hurried along the appliance purchase because I wanted the kitchen finished (she was starting to talk about Labor Day sales), but I really needed stuff to blog about.  Don't tell her, okay?  Obviously she does not read my blog.  Do you see her as one of my followers?  No.  Does she ever comment?  No.  I think I am in the clear.

So here are the latest dilemnas with the kitchen.  You see in photo number one that the phone has to go.  Also, the outlet the phone is plugged into needs to be moved behind the island as there is no outlet back there.  The microwave can be plugged into the left wall outlet, but would require an extension cord with the island in current position.  Otherwise, we could shift the island to the left into the corner, AND THEN move the window to the left for balance.  What say you?  Move the outlet, or move the window?  Voting starts, NOW.

I am off to celebrate anniversay time with Beth, so the rest of you please discuss amongst yourselves the decorating that needs to carry on in the kitchen.  And how big CJ must be with the size of those shoes lying about.  You know what they say about people with big shoes...they must have really big feet.

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  1. I'm glad you and your wife are still doing it! That's what you were trying to convey, right?

    I say move the outlet. While I'm down with moving a window as much as the next guy, I'm also lazy. Actually, I'd just use an extension cord. Actually, I wouldn't have fixed up my house. Am I a good candidate for this vote?

    The new floor looks great!! I'm so jealous of your wood flooring! It would be so much easier to wipe up the cat vomit. But that's why we've made the arrangement they can only throw up in the tub.