Thursday, July 29, 2010

Honey, the refridgerator is here. Grab the saw.

July 29, 2010

???????   Beg your pardon?  What was that? 

So in the never ending search for reasons why The Genius Society has not called me to submit an application for membership, I give to you our refrigerator purchase.  While we were in Lowe's, we witnessed a buyer exchanging their first fridge to buy one that was smaller.  What a dumb butt.  Everyone knows you need to measure your fridge hole (not to be confused with pie hole) at three places to make sure the hole is cut big enough for your new fridge. 

As it turns out, one of the places you should measure is along the floor where your quarter round is.  So there we were, with two guys delivering our brand new fridge, having to leave it in the middle of our kitchen floor since it won't fit in the hole.  AWESOME.  The worst part of this, is that we did not have them do their due diligence with the water line before they left.  We were able to get the saw, cut the quarter round, and squeeze the fridge into the hole.  However, I then went to turn on the water line in the basement that had been installed the night before, and was greeted with drip....drip....drip....drip.  You get the picture.  Not a real one, I was too disappointed for a photo montage at that moment.  Real long story a little shorter, we finally got hold of the guy who had installed the water line the night before and got him to stop at our house first thing today to stop the drip.

I know you handy people out there are thinking I should have been able to do this myself, but hello, have you met me?  Besides, we prefer to only have one shower in the basement, if you know what I mean.

So as we speak, the fridge is tucked into its alcove (a term Beth much prefers to "hole"), and we have a fridge with water and ice in the door.  Beth's mom warned us against such things as though people who have water-in-the-door fridges are evil, but she is 77 and had to get her water from a well at one point in her life.  As those of you with moms know, however, the opportunity for them to say "I told you so", is waaay scarier than running into Sasquatch with some beef jerky in your hands.

So Beth may have freaked out a little.  I may have yelled at her. 

It took me back to the time Beth and I went on vacation to Atlanta, and took my dad, her dad, and her mom with us.  Great idea, huh?  It actually went rather well, if you don't take into account the bottle of Tums that was consumed by Beth and myself.  That is until we got to the last airport.  I was carrying the garment bag and Marybeth (Beth's mom) asked me if she could help with it. 

Me:  No thanks, I'm good.
Mb:  Can I help you now?
Me:  No thanks, I'm okay.
Mb:  How about just letting me carry it for a bit?
Me:  I'm really okay, but thanks.
Mb:  I'm worried about your back, let me have a turn?
Me:  My back is good, I got it.
Mb:  Your arms must be getting tired, my turn yet?
Me:  I have two of them, they will be just fine.
Mb:  What if you hurt your back and then have to sit on a long plane ride?
Me:  They have alcohol on the plane.
Mb:  Look, there's one of those carts people use for their bags.
Me:  We're almost there, don't worry about me.
Mb:  I would really like to just carry it for a minute...

Oooooops.  She won.  I looked over my shoulder where Beth and her dad were walking behind us to see how much trouble I was in, and the two of them were sharing a high five and I think money exchange hands as if there were some sort of wager just settled.

So I yelled at Beth yesterday.  I am not sure what the clinical name for how she was acting prior to my outburst, but I think textbooks would say she went a little scooters.  She had a chicken in her pants.  Our kitchen was a cow farm.  Her timing was bad as I had the saw in my hands at the time, but we will not be on an episode of Cops anytime soon.  I have apologized and everything is cool now, but they are delivering the new stove today.

So without further ado, here is our new fridge:

Looks a lot like the old one, huh?  Just kidding.

Fits like a glove.

And looks great with the cabinets and silver pulls.  And phone.

And the fridge handles match the dishwasher handle!!  Aaaaah.

As I said, the stove is coming today, and involves no new hook up or anything that should present a problem.  As far as we know.  Maybe Marybeth will stop over right when they are delivering it.  Let the wagering begin.


  1. I LOVE YOUR SHINY FRIDGE! Love it! And, to the contrary, I would have called it a "hole" just because of what it implied. I think Beth and I would make a good pair.

  2. ooooh SHINY! Congrats on the kitchen makeover :)

    Your MIL sounds a lot like one I know. But she sounds like fun!