Sunday, October 11, 2009

You love the dog more than me!!

October 11, 2009

As I worked back in the Halloween area last night, I overheard a conversation between a college age young lady and her mom. The mom was gushing about how cute the costumes were for the dogs and cats, and how she must get one for her little dog. The daughter was very upset as she remembered all the Halloweens she spent with no costume. "So you are willing to get the dog a costume when you wouldn't get one for me as a kid?", she said rather sadly. The mom tried to defend herself by saying she had painstakingly hand-crafted many a costume when she was a child.

At this point I bailed on the eavesdropping. It sounded like the humor was gone.

If there is anyone who reads this blog that I don't know about (which would be anyone besides Beth), please say a prayer if you would for Shawn's daughter. He is a coworker, and his daughter has H1N1. It is very scary, and I would love to get him some extra help from above. Thanks.

The Bengals are on soon and I have to go to work also, so I will let you go for now. Back at you later.

Until I figure out why CJ and his friends keep saying "cool beans"...

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