Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Im baaaaack!

October 6, 2009

I know all of my faithful readers out there have been wondering what happened to me. Well, life happened. Nothing bad has occurred, but there has just been a lot going on. CJ has had cross country meets and homework and soccer games and homework. Beth has had work and tutoring. I have had plenty of work and taken some blog time for some Call of Duty time. I have found that not only am I enjoying the game, but it really has given CJ and myself something to discuss. That is my favorite part.

As for work, I have been asked to go to Philadelphia for a week in October to help some Targets get set up. I am very unhappy about being away from my family for a whole week, but it is a good opportunity for me to make myself more indispensable. My city will be getting some remodels the same as Philly soon, and if I am the only one around who has helped out, my value increases. In today's workplace, having value is important. What would the Muppets have been without Fozzie Bear? I guess that makes my point pretty clear.

On the radio today I heard the Dan Patrick show and he was interviewing a swimsuit model named Brooklyn Decker. For the purposes of this blog, and to better serve the right to information act, I will google her now. Okay, I am back. Seriously, I was only gone 30 seconds. I have never heard of this young lady (born the year I graduated from college), and did not know what the big deal was, or is. She is from nearby Kettering, Ohio, but I will not be adding her to my "list of 5" as she is blonde and I do not care for her type. If she were interested, I would let her down easy by showing her my wonderful wife and what real beauty really is. Her boyfriend is Andy Roddick, and he is away a lot, so the possibility exists.

Therefore, why bring her up, you may be asking. Well, I found her to be quite funny on the show. One example was when they were asking her what pick up lines to avoid. She responded that anything involving her name was not good. She had heard plenty of lines that related to her name being a city, Paris Hilton's name is a city, and Paris made a sex tape. I couldn't really follow this line of thinking, but the funny part was when she said, "besides, Brooklyn isn't really a city, it is a burrough". The guys on the show then had a good time referring to her as a burrough after that.

Secondly, she inadvertently made a funny when asked if she liked men in uniform. She responded by saying that she "came from men in uniform" meaning that she had plenty of male relatives who had served in the military, but it did come out quite right. Reminds me a bit of Beth's "staff meeting" story that I am sure she will tell Dan Patrick whenever she is being interviewed on his cougar series shows.

My fingers are cold from typing, so I will close for now and try to be more regular in my posts. Thanks for stopping by.

Until life slows down to 55....

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  1. I know someone in real life--I mean, a person who is not in TV and has a real job, not just someone who looks good for a living--whose name is Brooklyn. I am so gonna tell her she's a borough.