Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You have to be nice to me today.

October 13, 2009

I just returned home from giving blood today. I do so about every 8 weeks as I have O+, and they say they really need it. They send me letters saying they used it, so I figure there are quite a few people walking around with some of my blood in them. I try to tell who it is by looking for people who used to be smart, but are now more dumber than they were, but I'm not smart enough to catch all the signs. If you see anyone who:

-looks at their watch to see what the date is, they could have some of my blood
-stands in a grocery store aisle trying to figure out what it was that made them come down that aisle, they could have some
-turns their wipers on when they are trying to turn their head lights on...
-forgets to take their socks off when they get in the shower...
-forgets to wash the shampoo out of their hair...
-leaves their car in drive when they park it and then can't figure out why it won't start when they come back out to the parking lot...
-leaves their lawn mower running when they go to adjust the wheels...(ouch)
-spills their coffee because they turn the doorknob handle while holding their coffee cup

Anyway, I'm not saying I have done all these things, that would make me sound really stupid, I'm just saying all these things aren't that smart.

So at the blood removal center, they take your vitals when they are prepping you. My blood pressure was 92 over 64. I said "92, really?", cause that sounded low to me. I am usually around 100 for my systolic number. They said it must be because I work out. Well, thanks for noticing, I thought. But in reality, I haven't worked out much the past few weeks. I have worked hard at the Target, so that could be the reason, but it sure seems to me that my heart is real lazy. The systolic number is your heart beats when active. The one nurse said maybe I was just really relaxed. It is my day off and I am relaxed, but boy is my heart taking advantage of a day off. One nurse asked if I had had dizzy spells, and I have, but I didn't tell her. They have only been when I have bent down and gotten back up. Apparently, this is too much work for my heart with the bending, standing, and groaning all at the same time.

Anyway, if I pass out at work tomorrow, please tell them I will be okay, just ask my heart to step it up a notch.

This computer must have a low systolic number as well, because it is running really slow right now. Therefore, I am going to get a couple more rounds of COD in before time to get CJ to drums today.

Until me heart g-i-v-e-s o---u---.....

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