Friday, October 16, 2009


October 16, 2009

The weekend has come for me as I had originally scheduled a mini vacation for Fri-Tues. I used the past tense "had" because I now only have a 3-day weekend and then am off to Philadelphia for a week. Target has asked me to go there for a week to help with something yet to be clarified. Perhaps it is a big surprise party for me? Perhaps they are taking me to a Phillie's game in the championship series against the Dodgers? Perhaps they needed someone to fix the Liberty Bell and heard I am the master with a roll of duct tape? Not Super Glue ya mo, that doesn't make any sense! Perhaps they wanted to send me somewhere colder than Cincinnati thinking I love me the cold weather? They are WRONG!

Anyway, that gives me a couple days with Beth and CJ before party time for them begins. They have already stated that they are going out to eat every night. I know there is homework and activities and work, but eating Micky Dees and Wendy's is quite the treat. I had no idea the reason we ate at home most nights was because of me.

Therefore, tonight we are going to a volunteer party at our church. It is not a party you volunteer for ya mo, it is a party for those of us who are in volunteer activities. They are feeding us, so night one of eating out begins tonight.

Tomorrow, CJ has a cross country meet in the morning, and then we got nothin going on. Woohoo! I have to get my stuff together for the trip, but have you ever noticed that Target employees always wear red shirts and khaki pants? That makes packing a bit easier. I have to ask the question though, as a guest in the store yesterday, who had a question, made me think that perhaps not everyone notices that Target team members wear red and khaki every day. I was helping another guest at the time who was wearing a shirt and tie, while I was wearing my red Target polo, complete with name tag, and my khaki pants. I also had the worn out useless look on my face of someone who works in retail. Guest number 1 that I was helping had the intelligent (yet shady) look of someone who works as an attorney by day. So guest number 2 that needed help (apparently immediately as she interrupted guest number 1) jumped in with a question about drop cloths for painting. The funny thing was that her question was directed to guest number 1 in the shirt and tie, not me. He looked like he wanted to answer, and since I actually know him and know him to be rather sarcastic, I jumped in with the aisle location for drop cloths. She went on her way, but I always find it interesting when someone asks you if you work at Target when you are dressed in red/khaki with a Target bulls eye on your shirt.

Have I ever told you the advertising campaign CJ came up with for Target when he was 5? I thought not. Target used a pit bull with a bulls eye painted around his eye (I just now got that-pit bull, eye, bulls talk about being a mo!)for their ad campaigns back then. His thought started with, "dad, you know how the target dog has a bulls eye around his eye? Well, what if they got a bow and arrow..." I stopped him immediately as I did not want to hear what was coming next. Macauley Culkin from the movie The Good Son popped into my head, so I had to change the topic right away.

So, time to get off this computer before Beth gets home. Hopefully, back with ya tomorrow.

Until I figure out why Budweiser used a pit bull in their ads too...

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