Sunday, October 25, 2009

Party at Betsy Ross' House

October 25, 2009

So I saw on the visitor's guide map that Betsy Ross' house was a "must see". I told Beth that I was pretty sure she has parties there every Wednesday night. I was going and was hoping to get a dance with Betsy 'cause she was probably really hot, even for being like 200+ years old.

I also e-mailed a manager back at work that I was going to visit Betsy Ross' house, and her response was "Who is Betsy Ross?" Really? The maker of the American flag?? I won't tell you which manager it was (who may have graduated from "the Harvard of the Midwest"), but I will tell you that... No, I won't do it. I desperately want to use my best line from one of our meetings, but I will need to see a comment from someone requesting it to let it loose.

This is my CJ playing some mean percussion at one of the band concerts. CJ scared me last night when he was getting ready to go to a Fun Night at his school. When he came upstairs, I took one look at him and informed him that he looked like crap. I wasn't being mean, he looked ill. We immediately took his temperature and he was running a fever. He had had a cough part of the day, but not one that seemed worthy of worrying about. However, one of the boys on his soccer team has had the H1N1 virus, so Beth and I decided to worry a lot about him.

He is doing better today with no fever, and he looks better. He slept for like 11 hours last night while Beth and I slept a total of 11 hours combined due to the stress. We are very happy that he is doing better, but he has been forbidden from causing us this much worry anymore.

I gotta go, but I hope to blog again on Tuesday.

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