Thursday, October 8, 2009

I feel like Miss America!!

October 8, 2009

You know when they put the tiara on Miss America's newly crowned head and she does the hand wavy thing to try to dry the tears very quickly so they don't ruin her make up? Well, I had to do that today as I ran around excitedly proclaiming that THE June Gardens had commented on my blog. What a highlight.

The other big thrill of the day was my dentist appointment. I know, you thought I was going to say working at the Target tonight, but that was not really as thrilling as it sounds.

Anyway, the gentleman in the dentist's chair ahead of me was both amusing and providing angst for the dentist and his hygienist at the same time. They were trying to explain to him that he had some bad teeth going on. I could hear everything as they were having to practically yell to get him to hear them. Apparently he had a lot of tooth decay. He could not understand why as he brushes and doesn't eat a lot of sweets like cookies or cake. They asked if he sucked on mints and he said no. However, he does LOVE suckers!!! Not suckas. He was not in a gang as best I could tell. He REALLY loves the Dum Dums. To the tune of 10 or so a day, he loves the Dum Dums. When he is not sucking on the Dum Dums, he is chewing gum. "Sugar free?" they asked hopefully. The answer was Juicy Fruit or something the opposite of sugar free.

Therefore, they loudly tried to convince him that sugar free was the way to go from now on. Then they tried to decide what to do with his current teeth. Some he was going to lose no matter what, but they wanted to try to save the rest. Money was apparently an object for him though. Finally, still loudly, they found out his money wasn't readily available right now due to the $2000 he just spent on hearing aids.

Not money well spent, I'm guessing.

Fortunately, my teeth are okay, but I am very seriously considering giving up all sugar. Or at least the Mountain Dew and sweets. I certainly don't want my hearing to suffer.

Until someone figures out how dentures and sinuses are connected...

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