Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hold the chuckle please.

October 31, 2009

There is a character in the sit com, 30 Rock, named Kenneth. His character is from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Stone Mountain is where my sister and her family currently reside. I had no idea that they were part of a population that thought chuckle-the part of the pig located between the tail and the anus-was a delicacy. I can just see my brother-in-law, Edward, having himself a Po' Boy Carp sandwich with extra chuckle. They are on the menu at Fatty Fat's Sandwich Ranch.

I have been to Stone Mountain to visit my sister's family, and they took me to some pizza place. Whenever I visit a city, I prefer to eat at a local establishment as opposed to some TGI Fridays or some other franchise. Next time we go to Atlanta, I will need to make sure Edward takes us to Fatty Fat's.

Edward keeps bragging to me about what a great cook my sister, Kathy, has become. This is always difficult for me to believe as I remember her having trouble serving pre-made ice cream at one of her summer jobs. Making the ice cream would have been totally out of the question. Actually, the job did not work out for Kathy as her boss didn't think her customer service skills were up to snuff. When I asked her about it after she got fired, she did not disagree. (or you could see she agreed, if you are an English major or something). She said she found it difficult to be nice to the customers as she found she did not really like people. Yeah, probably not a good fit.

In other news, you probably noticed that the date of this post is Halloween. Beggar's Night just ended here at 8:00. It lasted for two hours and we had around 200 "kids" show up. They ranged in age from newborn to 20 something. CJ is 12, and he did not go out this year. He had 3 friends over and they handed out candy for a bit. They then abandoned their post and went downstairs to play video games. Beth and I took over, which was cool with us as we really enjoy seeing the little kids in their costumes.

The best costume of the night actually belonged to 4 guys who were probably high school age. One was Pac Man, and he was followed along by 3 of the ghosts. Only one of them had arms free (the other three did not qualify for Honors classes I don't think), so he was the one collecting the candy.

There were a whole bunch of cute costumes though. Quite a few of them were homemade, which explains the number of costumes I will be having go on clearance at the Target. A lot of our neighbors ran out of candy, so I was proud of my preplanning skills as we bought 4 big bags of candy and ended up with about 6 pieces left over. I even taught CJ a lesson on planning as we prioritized the order of the bags. The first two bags were the candy we liked the least, the last bag was the candy we liked the best. That way, if you have some left over, you get to eat the candy you like, not a bunch of Tootsie Rolls and Dots. It did not used to matter as CJ would be coming home with a bag of candy, but now it matters. He was impressed with me.

It was a bit cold out tonight, so my brain and fingers are stiff. Therefore, I will wrap this up and see you in November.

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