Saturday, September 5, 2009

When are free tickets really not free?

September 5, 2009

Happy holiday weekend to everyone. We decided to make our first and only trip of the season to Kings Island today. Beth had gotten some free tickets from her boss at work, so it seemed like a great idea. She only received two, so the idea for awhile was for just CJ and myself to go, but we really wanted Beth along, so she bought an online ticket. We still were not lamenting the cost, as she was able to purchase a discounted ticket based on the fiction that she used to work at Kings Island. Her brother worked there, so he could have bought the ticket and given it to us (there were no restrictions), so we did not do anything wrong for those of you getting ready to turn us in to Kings Island security.

The trip out was easy as we got going early and paid our $10 to park. The park opened at 10:00 for rides, we were there at the gates at 9:30. So far so good. The newest ride at KI is called Diamondback (after the snake). We went to that ride first so as to avoid the later in the day long wait. We were on in less than 20 minutes,and LOVED the ride. It was high, fast, and smooth. No complaints. CJ and I even got seats in the very front as they do not make you get in a special line for front row on this ride, it all happens by chance. What could go wrong? Well, a sniff of trouble began when the guy in the third row started talking at the end of the ride about how something flew back and hit him during the ride. Since you know I was in the front row, and Beth was in the second row, I reluctantly reached for my pockets. My sunglasses had been secure on my face, so the only thing left to have been lost was something from my pockets. I secretly hoped that the dude had been hit in the head by a bird or a comet or a piece of the ride, but alas, my right pocket was empty. In this right pocket had been my car keys. I don't understand physics enough to know how keys from my front right pocket slid out and flew back hitting this guy sitting behind me and to the left, but it happened. I also don't know why Beth did not grab my keys as they flew past her at 70 miles per hour. All I know is that we were suddenly at KI at 10:30 in the morning with no keys to the car, no phone (we packed light), and remote chances of the keys being found under this ride which stretches for over 5200 feet.

I do have to call out the area manager named Brian Kosmac who spent the next 45 minutes walking the ride looking for my keys. It was customer service above and beyond what I could have expected. The only thing keeping him from getting a big hug from me (though one from Beth he would've rather had) was the fact that he did not find my keys.

Therefore, Super Trooper Beth had to step up and get her mom involved. Fortunately, Marybeth was home, and came out to pick up Beth, take her to our house for Beth's keys, and then bring her back to KI so we would have a way home. Thank you Marybeth and Beth (yes, they have the same name, long story). While Beth was gone, CJ convinced me to quit feeling stupid and go on some rides. We rode a ride whose name has changed, so I can never remember the new name, but it used to be called Top Gun. Son of Beast was closed, as usual, so we went on to the Racer, Adventure Express, Vortex, and The Beast. All good coasters, except AE and The Beast are older wooden coasters, so they beat the crap out of you.

We then met up with Beth, and took advantage of some lunch, followed by the ride formally known as Face Off, and then Delirium. Delirium is my new favorite ride which is odd since I have never ridden it before thinking I would lose my lunch on it. It was smooth and great. We then followed this with a 45 minute wait for Flight of Fear, which none of us had ridden before. It is an in the dark coaster that is very fast, and I think I may have gotten a concussion from the ending. Wow. We then were going to ride Firehawk, but the wait was 90 minutes. On to the ride formally known as Tomb Raider. This was to be the last ride and the one CJ has considered in his top two for a long time. We were going to wait it out no matter how long. When we were almost there, the dreaded announcement came that they were having technical issues, and did not know how long it would be. I suspected that someone lost there lunch on the ride. We never found out as they finally said it was going to be a while longer. We lured CJ out of the park with the promise of food and killing zombies.

We made our first ever trip to Sonic on the way home and enjoyed it. It isn't worth the normal drive from our home to the only location on our side of town, but we did enjoy it and the concept.

Therefore, here is what the free tickets cost us today:

-extra ticket for mom: $24
-parking: $10
-refreshments at the park: $40
-dinner at Sonic: $11
-eating to get fat Saturday: trip to the gym Sunday
-debt owed to Beth's mom: priceless
-price of new key for my car: $???
-possible price of new key for Beth's car: $???
-gratitude to Jesus that:
*no one was hurt by flying keys
*we still got home safely
*my store keys were not on the same set with my car keys
*I love two people that are good in a crisis and don't hold grudges
*I don't have to take these guys to the WEBN fireworks Sunday


A day of firsts (Diamondback, Flight of Fear, Delirium, Sonic, and lost keys on a roller coaster) has come to a close. It turned out to be a good day, but one I will not forget soon.

Until I get arrested for sneaking into KI Tuesday and looking for my lost keys...

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  1. Too funny although sorry about the keys. The when is free not really free reminds of when friends used to go diving in Florida for free lobsters. We figured the free lobsters were around $75 each.....