Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let's give 'em somethin' to talk about...

September 17, 2009

Could I be less inspired? I have been sitting here for a while trying to figure out something interesting to blog about, but nothing is coming. I have napped today, had some caffeine, and done well on my crossword puzzle (Bingo is its name-o). Therefore, I know my brain is functioning, but it must all be left-brained, as nothing creative is coming. As you have probably noticed.

I am hoping Beth decides to take her yental holiday next week. No, I did not misspell it, she needs a mental holiday from work, she needs some gentle foot massages, and she needs a break from her boss whose name may rhyme with yen. Put all those things together and she needs a yental holiday. That would allow us to spend most of Thursday together before I have to go to work. I work late on Thursdays which means 3pm-12am. I usually leave for work right when my kids are getting home from school. Bummer. Next week, we then have Friday off together. I have discussed driving to North Carolina for the day, but me having to work Saturday morning makes Beth think this is a bad idea. She could be right.

I don't think Beth is having the best day of work as we speak. She texted me and needed a reminder that she should not beat the children. When one of us is tired or stressed about going to work, the other gives them some advice before they leave the house, "Don't beat the children". I forgot to give her that advice today, so she needed a reminder in text form. She works with high school kids as an aide, so some of them act like high school kids. Actually most of them do. I would guess there are times when beating the children would seem like a good idea. Funny but wrong.

CJ had his third cross county meet this past Tuesday. It was in Hamilton-Ross, Ohio, which is about 40 minutes from here. Beth and I made it in time for the boys seventh grade start, but the team was not there. This is the second meet in a row that they have showed up just as the gun was about to go off. The last one, CJ had to pee while on the bus, so it was worse as they got off the bus. However, the race was starting, so there was no time to pee. He finished near last as he tried to carry the extra weight around the course without having an accident. Therefore, this past Tuesday, he made sure this was not an issue. However, the bus showed up just in the nick of time, they ran to the line, and took off. He did better even though it was really hot. I am just impressed that he can run two miles as I am not sure I could escape from coyotes if they were chasing me and all I had to do was run two miles to reach safety. They would have to wait to bury my remains until all the coyote poo had been gathered.

On that note, I will sign off. Hopefully, inspiration will come this weekend as I am off, CJ has a soccer game and then we have two games to referee together.

Until my right brain recovers from a tough September...

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