Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Things that amuse me

September 1, 2009

It's two for Tuesday!! Days off without a honey-do list sometimes provide for two posts. If only there was enough inspiration in my brain for two posts. Hmmm.

I was going to post about my weekend at Target as it was a rather tough one. We were busy and trying to transition out of back to school/back to college season to get ready for the next season. We were short-handed in a critical area, so this old man had to do more physical labor than I would have wanted. Instead of posting about that, I will combine some things that amused me about people at Target with questions in general that amuse me about people and things to see if they amuse you too. I hope it to be more whimsical than complaining. We'll see.

1. Why are customers asking where folders and binders are on the last weekend in August when school started one to two weeks ago? Can't you see we have plenty of binders and folders right there on clearance? Sure they have the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, and kittens on them, but your boys needs a folder, right?

2. Why did the buyer purchase the Jonas Brothers merchandise again this year when we clearanced out somewhere around 8,000 Camp Rock items last year?

2a. Are people that shop at Goodwill (where Target donates their never sold clearance) bitter when the only school supplies they can find are Camp Rock?

3. Why are you asking me for Halloween decorations and candy on the last weekend in August? Halloween is two months away. Are you having a Halloween themed party for Labor day? Does candy in a spooky bag taste different than the candy we carry year-round in the plain ole bags? Really? (FYI, Halloween candy arrives September 10Th, don't rush me).

4. Why do people going to the gym have to park close to the door? If it is sunny and beautiful outside, can't you get a little walk in before you jump on the treadmill?

5. Why do we need 12 construction workers to pave one parking lot? Is it really beneficial to your bottom line to have one guy operating the steam roller while 11 guys watch and smoke from the side? Does it take that many guys to roll the machine back upright if the operator gets up too much speed and tips the steam roller?

6. Do I sound stupid for still calling it a steam roller? I'm sure it has a much more technical name now, like blacktop smoother.

7. Is it weird to need your reading glasses to cut your fingernails? Or sad?

8. Who decided that the crossword puzzles in the paper had to start out easy on Monday and work there way up to being impossible on Saturday?

9. If I am horrible at playing Nazi Zombies on PlayStation 3 (playing the sponsorship angle there), will I be able to defend my family from a real zombie attack should the need arise?

10. Why do I wish I was playing golf on my day off when the weather is beautiful, when I know that once on the course I will forget about the weather and just get upset about how bad I am at golf?

Until I get an answer to these and all the unanswered questions...

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