Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't corporate people know I'm old?

September 3, 2009

I have to go to work later today, but not until 3:00. It is strange and new due to the extended hours we are switching to at my Target. My store is a test store for staying open one hour later each day such that we are open until 11:00 Mon-Sat, and until 10:00 on Sundays. You're right, it is only September, not the holiday season. Why do we need to stay open late? I agree.

I guess what makes me ask questions from a general perspective, is how hard is it to make these decisions from a higher level, when you never have to actually work the hours? Staying open until 11:00 means not leaving the store until midnight. It's not just about me (we will get to that in a second), but what about team members who have to work their full time jobs the next day or attend classes in the morning?

On a more personal level, I am 44 years old. I start looking at the clock around 10:00 at night thinking it is time to go to bed. I am fairly certain that my team members will not cover for me if I take a nap from 10-11. I guess this starts to answer the questions I've been wondering about as to why the company has been hiring so many new managers fresh out of college. They are used to staying up late, so midnight is no big deal. Anyway, if we get more sales from 10-11 to justify the added expense of payroll and electricity, then it will become a standard at all the Targets. As potential Target shoppers, are you sure you need to be shopping so late?

I missed my chance this morning to be outside when CJ's bus drove by our house. I won't have the opportunity again until next Tuesday, so the local blow dart store will have to wait on a potential customer (as CJ has threatened to use one on me if I wait outside to throw kisses at him while his bus drives by). Would me throwing water balloons at his bus get him suspended, or me? Hmmm.

Labor Day weekend is coming and I am actually off work. I have to work the actual holiday on Monday (as it is LABOR DAY, shouldn't we all be working) because Monday is one week until inventory-lots of work left to do. However, with the weekend off, we are actually planning some things. There is a potential visit to King's Island on Saturday, and the WEBN Fireworks event on Sunday. If you don't live in Cincinnati, both are fun events. King's Island is the local amusement park that you may have seen on a Brady Bunch episode, heard Grissam mention on a CSI episode, or seen on television when Evil Knievel jumped some buses there 100 years ago. CJ and I plan on riding the new coaster, Diamondback, so we will let you know what that is like. I have not been to the fireworks show in almost 20 years, so we are working on the strategy of that. CJ has never been, so this is our chance to have a local family outing weekend before he becomes a teenager and wants nothing to do with us anymore. Sniff.

Until updates and Photos abound (as I am sure we will remember our camera this time)...

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