Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Big ups, and little waists

September 1, 2009

Update alert! A good friend of Beth's actually spent some of her valuable time looking for photos of Beth in clothes from the '80s. Major thanks have to go out to Rena for the effort. She has always been one of Beth's nicest friends which is why Beth knew her in the '80s and still knows her today.

The clothes in the pix were not ultra reflective of the fads of the era, but very cute nonetheless. While Beth was cute with her bangs covering her forehead, I prefer the more extensive view of her face that comes with her bang-free hairstyle of today.

One thing also evident in the photos was how little the waistlines were of this very cute couple of girls. Are you still girls in high school? Very cute couple of young ladies would probably be better. Beth is tall and thin, while Rena is not as tall, but is quite svelt. She is turned sideways in the photo, and without the striped outfit, may hardly be seen at all. I am hoping this is a compliment, as I am very grateful to Rena for taking the time to find said photo. Finally, I am also not saying that Beth and Rena are not thin now, because they are both runway model thin!!

Geez! Until I find the right way to talk to young women...

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