Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Keys Have Turned Up!!!!

September 6, 2009

Beth is currently on her way to Kings Island to pick up my turned in keys!!! Miracles really do happen. Not only did someone either take the time to look for them, or they found them and took the time to take them to Lost and Found. There truly are good people in this world. Thank you kind soul!

You know what is weird, or others may say significant, to notice? That a couple of really special things just happened based on the fact that I admitted that I was judgemental of someone yesterday. For me to try to imply that I was only judgemental yesterday, would mean that I am just half right, as I am "mental" every day. I am not unlike many people who go out in public or watch television and think that anyone different than ourselves is the one who is strange. I do this and try to know I am wrong by noticing that they are different, yet applauding their differences. People that are more creative than I, or more outside the box than I, or like different things than I, are not the abnormal ones. They are just different. If everyone acted the same as me or liked the same things as me, the world would be one boring place.

However, there I was at the front gate of the amusement park yesterday looking for funny blog material when I spotted a man dressed in a way that I thought was funny. His son was wearing an Elder tee shirt which is a high school on the west side of Cincinnati. There is an interstate that runs through (not our front yard John Mellencamp) the middle of Cincinnati that divides the east side from the west side. It has also been said to separate one culture from another. I was not raised in Cincy, but I am aware of this rift. I have always lived on the eastern side, so other than some exposure to the hills and roads and Mt. St. Joes on the west side, I am pretty ignorant to the whole argument. Nonetheless, when I saw this man and how he was dressed, I decided to blog about him and make fun of the west side at work on Monday when I saw a coworker who lives on the west side.

This gentleman was wearing a ball cap, a tee shirt that was too small that he had tucked into his shorts, and sandals. The shorts were coaches shorts which were last popular in the 1980s. If you have ever read my posts before, you know that this guy was going to be made fun of today.

Shortly after having this thought, I went on the Diamondback roller coaster and lost my keys.

The sermon at church today was about many things, but one of them was how poor people often get judged by others simply based on their economic level or manner of dress. Don't invite Ricky to your kids birthday party because he probably can't afford a present or may steal something from you if he comes to your house. Shocking but true.

Upon arrival home, I shared with Beth that I lost my keys yesterday because I had judged coaches shorts guy at KI yesterday. She shared with me that she didn't know that God was in the revenge business and had not planned His day around smiting me for judging another person. However, not long after sharing this admission with Beth, we found out my keys had been found and then I found out someone had posted a comment on my blog (THANKS HB!!). This is a rarity, but way welcome.

Anywho, sure these things may be a coincidence, but I am not sure I am willing to take that chance. Something to ponder.

Finally, there is a funny story from yesterdays excursion that I can share without fear of God's wrath. :) We got off a ride and Beth and CJ had to use the bathroom. Both headed for the bathroom area, but did not notice they both headed in way to similar of a direction. The men's and women's bathrooms were actually on opposite sides of the building, but both of them headed for the same side. The bathroom had two entrances and Beth arrived to door number one first. She knew something was amiss as soon as she walked in since the room was quiet and empty. I am not a frequenter of the women's bathroom, but apparently this is unusual. She stopped in the entryway, and then saw CJ enter door number two. He looked at her for a second, she looked at him, he gave her a little "hi mom" and a wave, and they went their separate ways-she out the door, he on in. There was no harm done and there was no men's uninvited wanker sightings, so it became just a funny story that mom and son can hopefully share for a lifetime.

Until I lose the phrase "hello west side dude, the '80s called and want their shorts back" from my judgemental self...

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