Friday, June 11, 2010

We may need an intervention. Or two.

June 11, 2010

We are home.  We decided that CJ's allergies and semi-boredom level were getting the best of him, so we were better off getting home a little earlier than originally planned.  He missed his PS3 a little too much.  We may need to take him on the show where family members gather together to tell one member that they need to save themselves by getting off the alcohol or drugs.  I do not think PS3 is ruining CJ's life quite to that degree, but he did whisper sweet-nothings to it when we walked in the door.  Something about never leaving her again...creepy.  However, he is down there playing right now and talking on his headset with his friend.  He seems to be telling lots of stories about his cousins.  They are all stories about how cute they were singing there little songs and jumping on him and such.  I think he really did like them and misses them.  If there had been some cousins around more his age, we would probably have stayed longer than anticipated.

Speaking of missing someone, Beth is having major withdrawal symptoms.  She has buried herself in laundry and caulking the shower in an effort to not miss the little munchkins so much.  In one breath she asked if I would invite them to visit us soon, and in the next told me she was caulking the darn shower because I have been known to invite random guests to our home.  (I have done this once in 19 years).  

I think the missing someone thing might be mutual, unless my sister was pulling my leg last night.  I sent her a text to let her know we made it home safely.  Earlier in the trip she had texted us that Beth had left her pajamas in Atlanta.  We were too far away to circle around, so Beth told her that she was allowed to burn them or put them out for garbage day.  It may have been time for Beth to buy new ones anyway.  Parting with her bubby was going to take another form of intervention similar to that of Michael Keaton and his flannel shirt in Mr. Mom.  However, after I texted my sister of our arrival, she texted back that there were three kids missing their Aunt Beth so much that they were sleeping with her pajamas.  Beth may have teared up a bit after that one.   I did not want to find out my sister was only joking. 

As for me, I miss that crazy bunch too.  Beth, CJ, and I helped out yesterday by cutting the grass.  Kay's house is on a rather large lot next to a pond.  It is hilly and looked like a handful to cut with three kids running around.  So we found a couple of working mowers and had at it.  I reminded myself of a couple helpful expressions as I cut into the underbrush.  Leaves of three, let them be.  Beware the moving sticks.  Poison Ivy and snakes were not memories I wanted to have of Atlanta.  Fortunately, with red clay as dirt in Atlanta, there isn't really a lot of grass to cut.  It is mostly weeds, thin grass, or ivy.  It did not take too long and we got it done before the heat got too bad.  I wanted Kay to have some good memories of our stay when she looked at her yard.  At least for a couple weeks. 

When we were leaving, it kind of dawned on Kay and myself that this was the best quality time we had ever spent together.  She and I were not way close through our teen-age years and had gone our separate ways for college and our lives thereafter.  Whenever we have gotten together after that, it has usually been at by brother's house in Louisville.  Kay and my brother have kept in touch a little better and have gone on family vacations together.  I have never made it to those.  They also usually get together in Atlanta around Thanksgiving.  I cannot make that kind of trip being a slave to retail and all.  Therefore, I think this trip was not only good to see the kids, but for Kay to see that I do really like her and am not such a big meanie.  We hugged a couple times before we departed and it was nice.   Sniff.

Okay, it is time to wrap up as the World Cup soccer tournament starts soon and I will be one of the few Americans watching.  The USA plays tomorrow against England.  I am hoping for a draw, but we will see.  If any of you care, let me know and we can double our fan interest.  Until then...

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