Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bathroom during..........................................

June 29, 2010

Does it not look fantastic!!  Yeah, okay, we are not done with the bathroom yet.  We do have a very nice hole in the wall where we can pretend we have a medicine cabinet.  We also have a bucket that if turned over becomes a toilet.  You use the pencil to make a reservation.  "Table for two" takes on a whole new meaning.

It is actually not that bad, and we should have a finished bathroom tomorrow.  We had to bring in a new guy, named Joe, to finish some things and to fix things not done correctly the first time.  When shopping for a handy man, do not ever hire someone you know your brother-in-law used to smoke pot with.  Just a tip.

So Joe is redoing the plumbing so we can use the drawers in our new vanity.  That white pipe you see in the picture has now been moved to the left.  If you can access the bathroom before photo, you will see our old sink used to be off center over there to the right.  He is moving the electric outlet so we can have electricity in our bathroom.  Neat.  He is installing a new mirror and moving the light fixture so they will be centered above the sink.  All these things sound like a good idea.  I will show you hopefully tomorrow night.

So here's what else is going on with remodel 2010.  What you see above are Beth's drawers next to the bed.  Teeeeeeheeeeee.  Who is incredibly immature?  Me and whomever else just laughed at my Beth's drawers joke. 

What you also see, are the reasons we are not done with the kitchen yet.  I dutifully cleaned all the handles we took off the cabinets only to be reminded that we are switching to satin chrome handles.  Not an issue, they were the cleanest thing we put in the garbage.  On the window sill, what you see are the hinges that used to be up that we were going to spray paint silver.  I had them cleverly labled according to what door they went with and whether they were an upper or lower.  OCD much?  Not really, I just assumed that if I did not do this, the hinges would not fit correctly and I would be frustrated and the project would be held up.  Yeah.

So spray painting the hinges did not work out.  We found and purchased new hinges which I installed today with Joe's help.  All done you ask?  No, Beth would not let me put the handles on yet since she wants to do the touch up paint first.  I did put in the new shelf liner and put most of the contents back in the cabinets.  Our front rooms no longer look like we belong on any of those hoarders shows.  Whew!  I may be able to take kitchen during photos tomorrow night.  You will see the new white cabinets and help us pick out counter tops and floors and a wall color.  We need help. 

We had a floor guy out today and a counter top refinishing guy out today.  We have done plenty of research on laminate floors and granite counter tops already, but the in-home people today did measurements and gave estimates. 

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!  Counter tops are $3000 for 30 square feet!!  And laminate wood floors are $1500 for 140 square feet!!  Have you seen the most recent appraisal amount for our house?  Shouldn't we just tape twenty dollar bills to the counters?  Great gooogly moooogly!

What's that Joe?  You can remove the old counter top and install laminate with a new sink for us?  You can install ceramic tile?  Joe, I think I love you!!

Hey Joe, where are you going with that caulking gun in your hand?

By the way, most faithful reader 12days, were you in our neighborhood this week?  We did have our old sink out by the street so we could have it picked up on garbage day.    A few hours later, it was missing.  Gross.


  1. Well, you PUT IT ON THE CURB, and I was expecting it to be of use to you, so I picked it up for you. Want it back?

    You slayed me with cleaning the handles and spray painting the hinges. You are very nice for getting them ready for the garbage.

    Thanks for the pictures!

    And I got a little giddy inside when I read that I was a faithful reader. Finally all those hours of reading blogs at work are paying off.

    (Just kidding, employer!)

  2. Ah, the joys of remodeling. I don't miss those days. When we remodeled the single bathroom in our first house, TheManTheMyth assured me it would be done over the weekend. Unfortunately, while tearing up the floor he discovered a major plumbing problem and it ended up taking 3 months. 3 months of washing my hair in the kitchen sink, heating water on the stove and bathing in a washtub in the kitchen and using a porta potty in the backyard. It was brutal.