Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I know why God makes little kids cute.

June 8, 2010

Here we are at my sister's house in Atlanta.  We just got finished eating a wonderful meal of homemade Chinese food.  Beth and I took the two older kids with us to see The Cyclorama and to go to Target.  We took CJ with us as well.  Cyclorama is an historic sight of a mural and diorama of the Civil War.  It more specifically depicts the Battle of Atlanta.  I am not so much into the historical references, but the artwork amazes me.  This is the third time I have been there, but the first time in 20 years or so.  I had never taken Beth there, and CJ had never been either.  He actually liked it.  Keep in mind that he is 13 and does not love history.  Those two aspects made it unlikely he would like this place.  However, he paid attention and even asked a question of the presenter at the end.  You can google Cyclorama, but I will tell you that if you live near here, it is a 30 minute experience that is pretty cool.

As for the trip down, it went very well.  You learn how much you like the people you are with by being in the car with them for over 6 hours.  We encountered no bad weather of traffic issues.  Sure, I had to have a conversation with the other drivers who pass you on the down hill and then you have to pass back on the up hill.  Does your vehicle not have cruise control?  Is it too complicated to push these buttons and set the accelerator?  I guess you can drive however you want, but when I have my seat reclined and my feet up on the steering wheel getting a good stretch, it annoys me when I have to hit the brake to disengage the cruise control.  Perhaps I need a highway just for me.

I think I need to go so this family can talk to their dad.  Steve Out.

My sister and her husband just had a Skype call from Qatar.  If you have read before, you know that is where he has deployed to until September, and that is also why we are visiting my sister.  No, not because we did not want to see her husband, but because three kids with no spouse can be a handful.  CJ has had it reinforced that he loves being an only child, and Beth and I realize that God only gives you what He thinks you can handle.  One great kid, that's it for us.  My sister does a wonderful job with these little rugrats, and they are adorable.  One will be in First grade next year, another in Kindergarten, and the third is still in diapers.  They are cute because it makes you forget the times when they are bickering, or when they are whining, or when they are honest with you.  You also do not look for revenge when they jump off the couch onto your family jewels.  I am thinking about wearing a cup.  Little kids do not have a censor yet, so they do not shy away from telling you that your breath is bad, or your face is funny, or you're going the wrong way on the highway. 

So we will continue to have some fun with these guys, and we will see if we can also entertain a 13 year-old with no PS3 or unlimited computer access.  It is like we went through a time machine all the way back to the 1970's.  What DID we do for fun back then?

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