Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fish can be works of art.

June 10, 2010

We are still at my sister's house in Atlanta.  We have been having a great time catching up with my sister and her adorable children.  There have been things that have happened that have made my sister groan.  When I ask what's wrong, she replies that she is just worried that this stuff is going to end up in my blog.  I had to tell her about my new rule that states:  no one that I know, yet don't live with can be made fun of in my blog.  I don't want anyone to not want to be around me for fear that something they say or do will become blog fodder.  It is mostly due to my coworkers because they would rather embarrass themselves on Face book, but that way they get to pick their moments.  That leaves me writing good things about coworkers and extended family, or poking fun at strangers and Beth or CJ.  They love me and cannot stay mad at me forever.  Beth and CJ, not the strangers.

That being stated, I do need to tell you about our activities the past couple days down here.  Yesterday included a trip to downtown Atlanta and the Fish Museum.  At least that is what my nephew calls the Georgia Aquarium.  We love that name and it is semi-appropriate.  If you have never been to the GA Aquarium, it is fantastic.  A lot of money was donated by one of the founders of The Home Depot, and it has become the largest aquarium in The United States.  I am not going to be very factual here as I do not have time to Google facts and I did not memorize them while there.  I am on my sister's computer, and time is limited.  However, I can tell you that there are four or five exhibits there and in each one are things that make you say wow.  It kept 3 little kids entertained for several hours, so mission accomplished there.  We even ate lunch there and Beth was very relieved when my meal was actually chicken fingers and not fish sticks.  I hope I have some photos for you when we get back home as the youngest niece insisted on wearing her Tinkerbell costume to the museum and was quite the hit on the train ride down there.  It is always good when you can make commuters on their way to work smile in the morning.

We went to a petting zoo Tuesday that was some sort of wild animal game ranch.  Pretty limited on the facts again, but we were able to pet and feed wild animals such as deer, squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, pigs, wild cats, and rabbits.  The bear exhibit did not include petting but an informative session was led by a game warden named Lefty.  We listened closely when he said to be careful feeding the bears.  The best part was when we got to the bunny rabbit enclosure.  The visitors are allowed in, provided they follow two rules:  do not chase the rabbits and do not pick up the rabbits.  The older children did very well with the rules, but the youngest really liked to chase the rabbits with full intent to pick up the rabbits.  What surprised me the most was that she was able to catch the rabbits and pick them up.  Future sprinter, that one.

So I better get off of here so I can watch Wacky Races cartoons and eat my homemade freezer pop.  Good times had by all.

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