Monday, June 21, 2010

Bathroom After

I know what you are saying, Steve, those look a lot like kitchen before photos, not bathroom after photos. 

Boy, I cannot get anything past you guys.  Okay, here is what ha-happened.  In the bathroom, the vanity is installed, the sink top is installed (and looks freaking mahvelous, I think),  and the faucet has been installed.  Almost.  There was an issue with the plunger mechanism and the accordion pipe.  There was some threading that was too short thus making the connection not as tight as we would like.  Did I sound like I knew what I was talking about?  Let me remind you that there is a reason I did not do this project myself.  The tool my father used the most when I was growing up was either the phone to call someone to fix something or a high ball glass to hold while he watched someone else do the project--after he called them.  One time, I think we just moved as opposed to getting some things fixed around the house.  Therefore, my abilities were not honed as a teen.  I have learned to do some things I never thought I could, but plumbing is not something to mess around with.

We think the faucet had some bad parts in it, so Beth has bought another one, AND, installation from Lowes.  The last faucet was installed by a friend of Beth's brother (for half the price of professional installation), but you get what you pay for.  So we are having a real plumber give it a shot before we wrap up this bathroom vanity project.  He is due out on Thursday.  I was going to take an almost finished picture of the bathroom, but Beth's eyes said no while her mouth said it was okay.  Since looks can kill while words can never hurt me, I went with Beth's eyes for guidance on this one.

So the pictures you see above, if you can still scroll that far back, are of our now beginning kitchen project.  Those cabinets you see will be painted white.  Hold on, that is the man's version of what is about to happen.  First the cabinets will be washed, then sanded, then primed, then painted.  As a card-carrying dude, I would have skipped some of these steps.  I may have even skipped the take everything out of the cabinets step had Beth been out-of-town while I took care of things.  Beth out-of-town may have also meant Steve calls painter friend on phone for that part.

So I am stalling while the work needs to begin.  The Code Red Mountain Dew you saw on the counter in the picture is starting to take affect.  I should be ready soon.  The Dawn you saw in the picture above is not from Austin.  (Not all of you will get that one, just Bye Bye Pie readers). 

If my sister, the interior design graduate from the University of Cincinnati, is reading; the rest of the plans are stainless steel refrigerator and range to match the dishwasher, dark wood-like floors, a granite-like counter top that will probably be black, and a wall color from the green family.  The colors I have seen so far are light green close to the gray family.  One of them was so gray, I like to actually call it gray.  I cannot tell you the words Beth's eyes were saying after I made that comment.

Okay, I am off to work on the kitchen, wish me luck.


  1. Your dad sounds a lot like my husband's dad.

    My dad knew how to fix all of our cars (usually VWs) and was super handy around the house. So, naturally, he hates working on stuff. When we moved out of our old house when I was a kid, the new owner ran into my dad and said to him "Did you know the basement floods?" "Yes." "How did you fix it?" "I moved."

  2. Any new pictures? On the way home from work yesterday I saw a toilet and sink for free in someone's yard (no I don't live in the ghetto, why do you ask?) and I thought of you guys. I know, aren't I sweet?