Saturday, June 5, 2010

Perhaps beer is good for you.

June 5, 2010

Vacation, day 1.  I have been waiting for this break from work, and they have probably been waiting for this break from me.  They made it seem like they were going to miss me, but they were just being nice.

So, tomorrow is our departure for Atlanta to see my sister (unless you are reading this to gauge when to break into our home, then we actually don't leave until 6/12).  Today we are volunteering for Target down at the Lung Walk in Cincinnati.  There will not actually be lungs walking, but I think it is meant to raise money and awareness for prevention and treatment of Lung Cancer.  Several members of my store are meeting me down there to volunteer.  I told the smokers it would probably not be a good idea for them to choose this event as their one volunteer event of the year.  Yes, we have mandatory volunteer events.  Oxymoronic much?

We have been home from the walk for awhile and have also accomplished some clothes shopping for vacation.  No time like the last minute.  In reality, the only time I can get Beth to buy clothes is when we are going on vacation.  I know, who is the lucky dude?  I am.  My wife does not spend money on clothes.  Won the wife lottery there I did.

So the walk was a bit boring, but otherwise not very exciting.  We did our share by cheering on the walkers and finding a short-cut for the walkers who were taking an hour longer to walk the course than everyone else.  To be fair, they did both have canes and it was great that they were showing support for a lost relative-someone named "Paw".  Apparently, he will be missed.  We then helped clean up the event and avoided any participation in the air guitar contest that was going on.  I have done my one stint in an air guitar contest that finished with me fully dressed in a pool.  If I have never told that story before, perhaps another time.  I will need to revisit my own past posts.

In two bits of other news, Diane and 12days, the sound you are not hearing is our new dishwasher.  It is running right now and the only issue I foresee is that I will have no idea when it is done.  Weird, the technology.  Beth picked this one out.  Scratch and dent days are gone.

Finally, Beth and I actually went out the other night.  I haven't posted much about going out shenanigans because we rarely do anything social that does not involve CJ.  However, we went to a local church's summer festival on Friday night.  A coworker of Beth's had texted her that a band they liked would be there.  Beth had worked with one of the band members 20 years ago, so she wanted to see if she could tell which one he was in the band.  It took some doing, but Beth finally had to ask the sound crew which one he was.  No hard liven for him, apparently, he looked good. 

However, while Beth was checking out the band, I saw the wife of my college roommate walk by.  I was friends with her too back at Xavier, but her husband and I always got along great and it was good to know he was in the neighborhood.  I have not done a good job keeping up with anyone from college since I had moved away with Kmart when I was in my early 20's.  By the time I moved back to Cincinnati, either we had lost touch, they were busy with their own families, or they had moved out of town.  So Brian and I had a beer together at the festival and caught up on things.  We may even be able to get together with our other college dorm mates as one is moving back from Tennessee soon and Brian has kept up with a couple of the others.  One he has kept up with is a guy who is married to a girl I dated for two years at Xavier until she cheated on me with him while I was away for a weekend.  I see them around about once a year, and it is still a bit awkward.  Perhaps that will make for good blog fodder one of these days.  I am surprising myself with some blog topics for later that I didn't remember I had in the crevices of my brain.  It is weird how suddenly drinking beer is jogging old memories.  I thought it was supposed to have the opposite effect.  Maybe I better go buy a 12 pack and see if I can remember what I did with my first wedding ring.  Oh look, another story!!

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    So, what else is Beth like? Her and I should maybe get a beer sometime. I promise I won't make a move until at least date 2.