Saturday, January 2, 2010


January 2, 2010

Remember the Y2K scare when everyone was petrified that the whole technological network would go down due to the change from 1999 to 2000? Programmers scrambled to change all the codes so that we would be able to access our money, use our credit cards, download Prince on our IPods, and set our coffee makers to start up while we are sleeping? Well, I am wondering if it took 10 years for this fear to be realized.

Our computer is having problems running slower yesterday and today. Actually, it is not having a problem running slower, it is doing well at that. My grammar is having a problem though. Nonetheless, the computer is brand new and I am hoping that even though we just bought it in November, that the software is not already out-dated. Even worse, CJ says, is that his PS3 is running really glitchy today. Sure, there have been 75,498 software updates for PlayStation that he has ignored until today, but what if that is not the problem. OMG!! We have discussed getting another PS3 to have in another room so that CJ and I can both play at the same time, but what if this leads to further issues? Will we have to return to things like:
-doing cross word puzzles
-sitting on the stoop and talking to neighbors
-listening to records
-working out

Now, it is getting a bit ridiculous. Let's just hope that the slower rate of downloads today is due more to the larger number of users since it is a holiday and all, and apparently no one has to work on holidays anymore.

So anyway, over the holidays, I was able to visit with my brother and his family along with my sister and her family down in Louisville. I am trying to convince the two of them to read my blog as I am one of the worst phone conversationalists (wow, that was a long word) in the history of phones. I mean, sure, Edison didn't like talking on the phone, but he only had one person to talk to and how much time can you spend talking about the light bulb? Boring!

Speaking of boring, Beth just came in and tried to explain the whole, to Roth IRA or not Roth IRA conundrum to me, and I think I blacked out for a second. Sorry honey, I tried to picture you naked to make it more exciting, but then Dave Ramsey kept jumping into my daydream and I had to shake it off. I am very glad Beth takes care of our money, because if it were all up to me, our money would be sitting in a checking account making 0.000000009 cents on every dollar.

So, back to the holidays. It was great to see my family. The children were very cute, especially that drama queen, Julia. She would be in a great mood right up until you pulled out a camera and aimed it at her. Then the crying. Perhaps she is in the witness protection program, not sure. All the other kids seemed well and are equally cute. Emily, Joseph (not cute, handsome), Mary and Ben are getting too big, too fast, but we enjoyed seeing them all. I also enjoyed seeing the adults, Kathleen, Michael, Judi, and Edward. It was awesome that we could get together. I hope each of you has a great start to the new year.

I have to work later today. Did all of you save your refunds until today? I am just wondering what kind of day it is going to be. I am short-handed in my department tonight, so I am assuming it is going to be a long night. Therefore, I am going to see if this post will save correctly, or if I will lose the whole thing. If it gets lost, will someone hold me? No, not you Dave!

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