Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is it really warm in H-E-double toothpicks?

January 26, 2010

Let me give you a quick update on life before I get to the main topic. I don't post much anymore as I have realized that posting daily is very difficult time-wise, and it is difficult to be that entertaining every day. I am impressed with June Gardens of Bye Bye Pie as she is entertaining every day. Please read her often and check in here occasionally.

So, this past week was my birthday week. It went great as no one at work made a big deal of it (always a bonus), and Beth and CJ made it special here at home. I received a headset for my PS3 so that CJ and I can communicate when we are on line together. We are able to go on line together now as Beth found the information as to how to make this happen, and the three of us were able to figure it out. Big brain on Steve, Beth, and CJ. Actually, three big brains, we don't really share one. Beth got cupcakes from Fresh Market, and they were quite tasty. The Red Velvet was the best-yum! Fortunately, they did not try to fit 45 candles on said cupcakes, and we did not have to call the Fire Department.

When someone at work asked if we had a big celebration, I clued them in that when you have had this many birthdays, the need to celebrate diminishes. I think as you get older, it returns especially if you are surprised you are still around to be celebrating.

So on to the main topic. On June's blog, she requested the names of any good blogs. She stated also that the only good blog she had found written by a man was one by....some dude I am jealous of, so I can't remember his name. You'll need to find his most entertaining site on your own. I think maybe June forgot that she has read my blog before since I do not post often enough to check back on daily.

Before anyone thinks I am serious, I do realize that my blog isn't entertaining to any one beside myself, (as I do crack myself up), CJ (when I am not talking about him and girls), and Beth (when I am not using a bunch of (((()))).

So one of June's commentors, Furry Godmother I believe, suggested a blog called peopleofwalmart.com. HILARIOUS!!!!!! Please, take a look.

It contains photogs of customers at Walmarts around the country. WAY FUNNY!!! (but wrong). Before you think I need to be judged, I do know that I am most likely going to H-E-double hockey sticks someday, and may actually be driving the bus for the field trip to get there; but I am fairly certain that I will know a lot of people there.

There was a Walmart near my Target that recently moved and became a SuperWalmart. The location of the new one is a bit strange, is about 3 miles from the old one, and is not currently on the city's bus route. Therefore, some of the old Walmart customers have been coming to Target. Some started to come when there was the transition period of old Walmart closed, new one not opened yet. My hope is that they liked what they found at Target and have continued to shop with us. However, some of the old Walmart customers have either not been able to get to the new one due to the bus route thing, or they don't know where it went. We do get asked on occasion, "didn't there used to be a Walmart around here somewhere?" To which I usually reply, "Yeah, but I'm not sure where they moved to." There are some customers that I give directions to the new Walmart. These are the ones asking for things like wifebeaters or ammo.

Our sales are up at my Target, and I do believe that it has something to do with the old Wally world closing, so thanks to all you converts. However, if you want a good chuckle (not the delicacy from Stone Mountain, GA), go to the blog and check it out.

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