Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pizza, Pizza

January 14, 2010

I have gone from Monday when I had time to post but couldn't think of anything good to talk about, to today when I am posting before work because I thought of several things you needed to know.

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!!! It is Beth's father's birthday. He is no longer with us,but he is surely missed. He never liked it when people would say how old someone would be if they were still alive, so we won't go there.

Next, the background on the weirdness, has to do with a Little Caesar's Pizza chain commercial from long, long ago. They had two commercials that have stuck with me, one is their animated dude dressed like Caesar saying "pizza, pizza", and the other was a weird looking guy saying "I have a brother?" I can't piece together what this had to do with pizza for you right now (did I mention that I have to go to work?), but the question is relevant to my story.

So, last night I had this dream that Beth had a long lost sister that had come to stay with us. Beth has 6 older brothers, so it didn't seem possible that a sister had been squeezed in there somewhere, and that Beth had disliked her sooo much that she never spoke of her, EVER. You could cut the tension in our house with a chainsaw. Then, said sister's husband bolted into our bedroom intent on beating me up. He was wearing a sailor outfit complete with blue neck thingie, so I was pretty sure he was a tough dude. I talked him out of hitting me, because that was illogical, obviously. However, somewhere in this confusion, Beth's long lost sibling was now a brother, and his wife and two children were also with us at our house. Sister was gone. In my head suddenly popped the phrase, "I have a brother?" WTH!!

So I don't think any of us know how this dream is going to turn out, as gratefully, Beth woke me up in our real life bed and snapped me out of it. I questioned her on any potentially prodigal siblings. She denied their existence, and I was able to fall back asleep. Whew.

So did you know our computer keyboard has a number pad over there to the right? Neither did I. Our old one didn't, so I did not even notice that our new one did, FOR 2 MONTHS!! Observant much. Maybe my right hand is so big it blocked my view of the keyboard, WAY OVER THERE. Maybe I need my brain checked. Yeah, that's it.

Gotta go to work. See ya later, unless you are standing to my right.

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