Friday, January 8, 2010

So I am not cool???

January 8, 2010

So today is day one of five days off. I provided transportation to CJ and the two other seventh graders who normally ride the bus with him, Kristian and Nicki. When I made this offer to CJ, he was hesitant. Could it be that he was worried about me embarrassing him in front of his friends? I would think not. I know he was not worried about Kristian, who is a boy, and whose name I am spelling correctly. Yes, I do say weird things in front of his guy friends (see the post about Teddy Grahams), but they sometimes appreciate oddness since odd pretty accurately describes most seventh grade boys.

However, Nicki is a girl. A seventh grade girl that CJ says is the one girl he is interested in. He doesn't like her because of how she looks or anything like that yet, we are not there. But, she is fun to talk to at the bus stop. So, the thought of me in the same vehicle with him and her I think rattled his brain a bit. Then I explained that he needed to think about the seating position in the car. Did he want front seat, K and N in the back? Better for N in the front and he and K in the back? K in the front and he and Nicki alone in the back?? I think he wanted to punch me in the face after that comment. Don't over think it dad, I will just sit in the front. Then I asked about the radio station. He turned it off. Yeeesh, sensitive much?

I think if I had told him this story about work, he would have felt much better about the impending car trip.

I am almost 45, so most of my references are from the 80's and 90's. Whenever I quote Fantasy Island (smiles everyone, smiles) or Hill Street Blues (be careful out there), or Airplane, the Movie (don't call me Shirley), the older team members have to explain it to the younger ones. So the other day, when a team member asked where something was, I tried to jump into this millennium. I told them to go to the end of the aisle and then go Beyonce. They looked at me very strangely. I said, "You know, to the left, to the left". They shook their head and said to stop trying. Really? This wasn't cool? It won't catch on? None of you will be using it later as your own?

Nonetheless, the car ride was uneventful. It is only a ten minute drive, and lacked a ton of conversation. Even when I found out Nicki plays the saxophone, I stayed on my best behavior.

When I asked if they wanted me to pick them up from school or take the bus, all of them voted for bus. Why would they turn down a warm car ride from someone as cool as me?

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