Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

January 7, 2010

CJ and Beth had a snow day today. Wednesday morning, CJ's alarm went off at 6:40, and at 7:00 Beth had to get the Jaws of Life out to separate him from his sheets. Today, bouncing down the stairs at 6:10 came CJ after he heard the phone ring and assumed that it was the recorded message that our school system uses to announce school delays or closings. Once he found out that he was correct, down into the basement he ran to start with the video games. Oh to be 13 again.

We were supposed to have a visit at the Target today. A "visit" is not someone stopping by to buy us tea and talk about the old days. It is when one of the higher ups stops in to tour the store and check on things. I refer to them as higher ups, since they can't be called "the suits" like they do at corporations. This is Target, everyone wears red and khaki, even the higher ups. Of course, their red and khaki comes from Banana Republic and Saks whereas my red and khaki come from Eddie Bauer or Target.

So anyway, I think we were ready for our visit today. I think it would have gone well. The store looked good and we have good numbers going so far this month. But did I mention it snowed today? So the visitor never came. In fact, not many people came shopping today. Those who did either got to hear us utter the phrase, "No, I'm sorry we are out of (insert snow related item here)", or they got to shop for their wares in peace. It was eerily quiet. While I hate missing a sales plan, which we will undoubtedly do on such a quiet day, it did turn out perfect for me. I start on a 5 day vacation from tomorrow until I go back on Wednesday, so having a slow day at work the day before a vacation is awesome. I was able to catch up on stuff and prepare notes for my team to take care of while I am gone. We have another "visit" the day I get back. Steve 2009 would be worrying about said visit and maybe even work part of his vacation, but Steve 2010 has no worries. I have a good team and I know my fellow managers will look after things. Bring on the visit, I say.

So Xavier basketball starts soon, so I am going to sit in my massage chair (as I have found sitting in front of a computer most of the day is harder physically than actual hard labor???) and watch CJ kill and be killed at COD.

Vacation, all I ever wanted....

Don't you just love the GoGos?

Remind me tomorrow to blog about how I tried a hip reference at work the other day and was still uncool. Hard to believe, I know.

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