Monday, July 13, 2009

Tips for being "perfect"

July 13, 2009

Here are some tips to having your 12 year old son think you are "perfect":
  1. Don't try to hug him in front of his friends (especially if you are going to make those bear hug sounds you always do).
  2. Don't give his friends nicknames (even if one is named Graham and one is named Ted, and calling them Teddy-Graham seems really funny to you).
  3. Don't tell him every time you need to use the bathroom (even if referencing your "call of duty" seems both humorous and timely).
  4. Marry the perfect mom who doesn't use your time away from your son to let him in on the times when you are not so perfect (I may occassionally have gas).
  5. Make sure you tell him the things he is doing well, not just the things he is not so good at. I told him when he was five that he wasn't that fast, but he was better than everyone else on the soccer team with his left foot. Seven years later, he still thinks he is too slow, but the best player on the team with his left foot. Your words carry a lot of weight with your children, use them wisely.

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