Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mystery solved

July 29, 2009

Just a quick one tonight. As Beth and I came home from delivering CJ to the splash party at the pool (as opposed to the splash party at the place with no water??), we noticed that Beth's car was unlocked. We do not live in a real bad neighborhood, but locking the car still seems like a good idea. I always imagine the conversation with the police officer after something was stolen out of our car:

Officer: "How did the thieves get into your car, what is damaged?"

Me: "No officer, we left it unlocked"

Officer: "You are a duffus"

So Beth was curious as to how her car was unlocked as she is normally very good at locking it when she gets home. I made some crack about how she must have pushed the wrong button or been too busy looking at her new hairdo to remember trivial things like locking the car.

An hour later we were heading for my car to pick up CJ from the pool. As we neared my car and I pushed the unlock button on my key, Beth's lights blinked as the doors unlocked. Hmmm, perhaps we have solved the mystery. "Boy, Honey, your hair sure looks great!!", I said. Pleased, she checked the mirror and smiled. "It sure does", she said. Nice save by me. Whew.

CJ is home from the pool. When I went into the swim club to retrieve him, I noticed that he and his buddies were in conversation with a couple of girls. I asked what they were talking about and he informed me that he was not talking to them, his buddies were. I would think he doth protest too much, but then I remembered our vacation trip to Universal in Florida.

We were about to get onto a ride (The Mummy one I think), when a young lady asked him to take her picture with her boyfriend. She was from a foreign country with an interesting accent. She was also dressed in what could only be described as next to nothing. I would say bikini, but it was barely that. She was tall and slender, so there was plenty of skin on display. I was desperately trying to find somewhere to avert my eyes, but CJ stepped up, took the photo and handed the camera back. I looked at my wife and we were fairly certain his interest in girls has not kicked in yet.

Therefore, I do not think he went to the party tonight to chat with the girls. Until he does...

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