Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Day of Pampering

July 28, 2009

In about 30 minutes Beth will be done at the salon. I know this does not seem like a momentous occasion as some people go to the salon every week or every month, but Beth goes to the salon regularly once every 3 years or so. We have been married 18 years and this is salon visit number 6ish. She went for an eyebrow waxing first and then got up the nerve to go to a salon for a haircut and coloring. Did you know that at the salon, their hair color does not come out of a box? Beth has been coloring her hair herself out of a box for about 10 years. My favorite part of this is there have been occasions when she has left the bathroom and I called in the CSI team since it looked like there should have been yellow tape to keep people away from the horror scene that took place in there.

I would guess that about now Beth has freaked out several times. As stated, she does not go to the salon often enough to be putting her hair in the hands of these people. She is also not sure if she made it worse by insulting the hairstyles of the person about to cut her hair and her assistant. I assured her that when you work in a salon and are surrounded by hair-styling equipment all day, you get tempted to dye and cut in some styles that 43 year old women may not think are normal. The girl at the front desk had black hair with purple streaks. The stylist had very short hair that was very, very black. Her assistant had blond hair with colored streaks and many, many different layers. Beth assured them that none of these styles were for her. That narrowed down what she did want to 449, 997 other possible choices.

My concern is that Beth was going with a highlighted look for the first time I can ever remember since my favorite local newscaster has brown hair with highlights. Frankly, I am worried that this "new" look will be too good as I may have to get a second job to pay for regular salon visits. Beth suddenly spending money on herself can only lead to the purchasing of clothes, shoes, make up, tummy tucks, and other such enhancements. Since I still have CJ's college to pay for in a few years (as he does not currently have a marketable trade or skill), I will either have to get a second job or put off retirement for several years beyond my target age of 65.

If you are wondering what brought on this day of pampering for a woman who was raised almost as a boy by parents of 6 boys followed by a girl, it seems to be the high school reunion coming up this weekend. We can discuss, but time to go pick up Beth. Be back soon.
Okay, Beth is home. At least I think it is Beth. She looks like a supermodel. However, she is currently in the bathroom "fixing" the haircut that cost $xxx. (I am never again to mention how much this experience cost). I do plan on bringing it up if I ever want something that costs $xxx, but I do not foresee that happening soon. Does everyone "fix" their salon-styled hair? Actually, she is giving it more body. My son just ruined things for me two seconds ago. While in the basement, he was given instructions to tell her that her hair looked awesome, no matter what he actually thought. In the kitchen when I handed over his lunch, Beth came out of the bathroom and he looked at her and said, "It looks great mom". I turned around and her hair was still wet and not nearly done with the "fixing". She looked at him, looked at me, and I knew I was busted. She asked him anyway, "Did dad ask you to tell me it looked great no matter what?" If CJ were ever captured and tortured (perhaps with a feather) in a prison camp somewhere, be assured that all of our American secrets will be spilled.

So now the "fixing" continues. She just showed me phase one and it really does look awesome. I once told her she looked like Jaclyn Smith (Charlie's Angels), but I cannot do that now as she looks better than Jaclyn. She is adding body to her hair. It will not be enough to start up her own 80's hair band, just more than they gave her at the salon. She asked for body at the salon, which apparently was like telling them we prefer our wine to come out of a box.

So now I am not wild about her going to her reunion without me. I have to work, of course. She is going with a girlfriend from high school. I am secretly hoping that the guys back then thought she and "Emilia" were lesbians so that she is seen as hands off this weekend.

Sorry, I was caught day dreaming there for a second. Well, I have a meeting to go to at work soon, so I better go gush some more about this hair style. Until the next treatment...

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