Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm wearing two hats..

November 1, 2012

...and neither one is a sleeping cap.

Last night was Halloween.  It was cold and wet here in Cincinnati.  I can think of no description in which cold and wet is portrayed as a good thing.

In the movie Good Morning Vietnam with Robin Williams, he is giving the jungle weather forecast as hot and wet, "Which is great if you're with a woman, but horrible if you are in the jungle."

If you can think of a favorable weather forecast for cold and wet, let me in on it.

So we had about 1/3 the normal amount of trick-or-treaters at our house.  I have a basket full of non-chocolate candies left over.  Sad to look at really.  Of the goblins we did have last night, I estimate there were 20 teenage girls.  If you were ever wondering what candy snack to serve at a teenage girl party, go with Pixie Stix.  Of the 20 girls, 18 of them snatched up some Pixie Stix.  It was as if they were about to debut as a toddler with a tiara.

They went after them like Mike Birbiglia's father reads war novels, aggressively and passionately.

Each year Beth and I debate who our favorite treater was.  It is usually more of a challenge since there are around 300 overall contestants and half are under the age of 10.  We usually have an award for over 10 and one for under 10.  It is very unofficial, but the winner gets a Snickers Slice n' Share bar to be handed out on All Saint's Day.  For some strange reason none of them have ever tried to claim their award.  Good thing since one of those giant candy bars wouldn't last 15 minutes in this house.

So without further ado, last night's award goes to....Lightning McQueen!  Ta da!

This little dude was TOO excitied to be out and about.  He bounced up to our door, said his lines perfectly, and then started to bounce away.  I think he caught on that Beth and I had been smitten with him and fed into our rapture as he was leaving.

 "I am Lightning McQueen on the bottom and I have Lightning shoes and I am wearing two hats.  One is a regular cold-weather hat, and one is a Lightning McQueen hat.  Bye.  Happy Halloween!"

OMG!  Come back here Lightning!  You need another Pixie Stick.

Another sad reality about last night was that it was CJ's first Halloween night not spent at our house.  At 15, we did not expect him to go trick-or-treating.  However, he usually sets up camp in the basement with a buddy or two and the number ebbs and flows as friends stop by.  Not last night.

He was at his friend who is a girl's house.  There was a small gathering and they watched Avengers.  Perfectly wonderful event, but Beth and I were very sad to know our little dude was not here with us.

Around 8:30, I left the house to go to work.  At The CVS, just like The Target, you have to change over from Halloween to Christmas ASAP.  Halloween goes half off at midnight and surely customers will be wanting there Holiday popcorn tins starting November 1st.  The difference beween The Target and The CVS was that our changeover last night took 5 of us 7 hours.  At The target, it will take 7 people 5 days provided they ever sell all those costumes.

I returned home to our casa around 5:30 and have slept a couple hours.  My brain does not take well to sleeping in the daylight.  Check back in with me around 5:30 pm and see who is a little dozzy.  Until then, no critiquing of my spelling nor my grammar.  Keep in sleep.  I am running on Pixie Stix and Sweet Tarts here.

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