Friday, October 19, 2012

Have you ever heard of a napkin, son?

October 19, 2012

My peeps are off to school this Friday morning and I do not have to be at (or to) my pharmacy training until 10am; therefore, I have time to chat at (or to) ya about what is up here at our house.  Exciting stuff, let me tell you. 

One thing I know about working at the pharmacy is that there are no free samples, so stop asking!

Another thing I know about my family is that CJ is growing up way too fast.  His sense of humor is awesome and quick.  You should hear CJ and Beth having a conversation.  The two of them are way funny without even trying.  An example?  Okay.

Beth and CJ are in the car on their mile long journey to the high school.  Their route takes them on our side street which is not so busy and makes a turn onto the the main street which is quite busy just before school is set to begin.  At the aforementioned turn, Beth realizes that she has forgotten her glasses.  Rather than go around the block to retrieve them, she jokingly suggests that CJ hop out of the car and run back to the house to secure her glasses.  All the while she would simply park the car on the main street with her blinkers on until he returned.

His prompt reply was that he pictured himself returning to the vehicle just in time to see the angry mob pulling her body through the driver's side window.

Are children really that anxious to get to school?  Actually, their parents are that anxious to drop them off at school.

In other CJ news, he has a girlfriend.  It has been an interesting journey as his father to see this all develop.  When you look at your child through parentally rose-colored glasses, you think they are handsome, funny, and well-mannered.  At a certain point, you start to wonder if the rest of the world sees them that way.  I have especially wondered about the well-mannered part during a meal here at our home.  But I have also wondered if the opposite sex thought he was easy on the eyes or if they turned away and said a prayer for him.  Recent events have confirmed the former.  I don't know what it says about my sophomore son that he has a giggly group of freshmen girls who wave at him goofily or talk to their friends about stalking him.  I overheard this conversation and was amused rather than frightened thus proving that I am his dad and not his mom.  Last year, in celebration of Lady Gaga, there were Facebook posts from couples who were involved in band romances.  Clever.  Now my son is involved in one himself, though not on the Facebook.  Neither he nor this young lady are on Facebook which counts as one point on the plus side of the ledger for her with me.  She also scores points for being tall, cute, polite, hard-working, athletic, and did I mention cute?  She also seems to be rather enamored with my tall, unkempt, socially akward (when it comes to females), and gamer of a son.  More points for her.  The only points against her have to do with the fact that she is the only child of a father who goes about 6' 5", 220. 

As CJ and his friend Rowen went off to visit this young lady and her friend at young lady's home, I reminded CJ of the father's size and recommended that no matter what happens, his pants stay on.  OH MY GOD the groans from Beth.  Can you believe she was worried that I may have embarrased CJ?!  Has she never seen a Ben Stiller film?  Inevitably, something gets spilled, or a dog jumps on your pants, or something happens that involves the removal and subsequent cleaning of said pants.  That is what I was referring to.  Gawd, y'all need to get your minds out of the gutter.  I am all about the preservation of CJ's young life versus ginormous father catching CJ with no mas pantalones.

As for band season, while this one has not been as suceesful in terms of hardware as last year's campaign, it has been fun.  It has also been thrilling to see this group develop from a slow beginning into a band that qualified for state and has put on a great show.  They got to perform at Ohio State University last weekend and then see the OSU band perform as well.  The OSU band did a video game-themed routine that has over 13 million hits on You Tube.  The link is below and isn't great for sound quality, but the picture is what is important, especially the galloping horse around the 6 minute mark.

We are off to Versailles, Ohio for a competition tomorrow.  Pray for dry warm weather.

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