Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I never had a Hershey Bar before..what do they taste like?

October 9, 2012

I know I haven't posted in a while cause I have been busy starting a new job and all, but I wanted to get a couple messages out there to the universe.

First, Happy Birthday Mother!  My mother's birth day was 10/9/29 thus making her 83, you know, if she hadn't died in 1991.  Therefore, she is not actually 83.  However, there is still a reason to say happy birthday as she is still watching over me.  I can feel it every time I work hard against my will, do good dad, and whenever I walk past a piece of paper on the floor.  As a birthday present today, I neither swore during the Red's loss or walked past any stray pieces of paper. 

Training is going well, thanks for asking.  It is inventory prep week and that is going well also.  I have received positive feedback from my new district manager and that is always welcome.  I have also gotten some insight into black Friday with CVS and it will be different.  I work with a manager who used to be in grocery for 21 years.  His biggest day was the day before Thanksgiving.  He amused me with stories of customers coming in looking for specific turkeys.  "I would like an 18 1/2 pound turkey who was raised by good parents, has 4 drumsticks, all white meat, and was left-handed."  I am forever grateful I never worked in grocery.

In other news, I visited my peeps at The Target the other day and they told me about a new guest service initiative called Vibe.  It allows the team members to take more on themselves to make the customer happy.  An example given was opening a bag of cookies to let someone know how they taste.  Beth has jumped all over this idea.  She has plans this weekend to try out some new makeup, taste some muffins, sleep on a new pillow, and listen to some CDs.  A monster has been created.

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