Friday, September 7, 2012

Anyone need their flowers watered?

September 7, 2012

As the vacation/unemployed week comes to a close, I am using the time to finish up some little projects around the house.  Usually, when I am on vacation from The Target, all I want to do at home is lay on the couch and watch sports or bad movies.  Or that show Las Vegas.  However, since Las Vegas is currently not on the air in Cincinnati, and Steven Seagal has gone into retirement; I have chosen to actually carry my weight around here.  I only weigh a buck fifty-five, so don't expect to be too impressed by this list.

Yesterday, I finally put an end to our see-through windows in the basement.  We used to have shutters covering them from the inside, but they did not go with the remodel.  The windows we have are basement sized, so not too big, but they border the neighbor's driveway and they could look in if they wanted to.  Using the shower in the basement has recently meant an opportunity for voyeurism.  Not any more.  You can buy sheets of light-filtering frosted film that you just cut to size and affix to the window.  It took me about an hour but looks really good.  Now if you want to look in, all you can see are silhouettes.  Even if we are naked, you can't tell so much.  I am guessing my neighbors are wondering why I carry the garden hose around the basement so much whenever Beth and CJ are not here.

Earlier in the week I cleaned the laundry room which involved vacuuming, getting rid of cobwebs, and then mopping the floor.  It needed it and now I don't have to do that until we move someday.  If the neighbors were peeking through the windows while I vacuumed, they may have been wondering why I needed a garden hose while I vacuumed.

You know about the couch cleaning.  The verdict is still out by the way.

Currently, I am washing a couple loads of towels.  If you are reading Beth, I only used 2 capfuls of the HE laundry detergent, not to worry.  Per load. 

I always try to do something wrong when I am using the washer so Beth doesn't expect me to help with the laundry anymore.  Do you think she is on to me?  Sorry, honey.  This is how my father raised me-women do the laundry.  I should not have to do it since I have a garden hose.

JUST KIDDING!!!!!  Do not call Susan B Anthony and have her throw dollar coins at me.

To prove my point, I think it is perfectly okay that Beth cut the grass last night and I trimmed it today.  I think she managed to steer the mower around the yard even without know, garden hose. 

Beth cuts our grass since over the past few years my allergies have gotten so bad that the grass allergy typically would manifest itself into an end result of bronchitis or a sinus infection.  Finally, Beth decided she would rather cut the grass herself than deal with my sorry sick back side.

Cutting and trimming can be an adventure since we are trying to be green.  The mower is battery powered and the trimmer is electric.  The planet has to know I love her if I am willing to deal with the extension cord wrapping around the drain pipe, the trimmer line running out half way through trimming, and then the sweeping with an old-fashioned broom.  It actually isn't too much of a hassle to do the manual sweeping since I see my neighbor across the street has to pull out his gas-powered blower every time he accumulates twelve leaves in his yard.

That about wipes out my list of things to be done.  I need to go swap out the towels to the dryer.  Anyone seen the crayons I sometimes accidentally drop in there with them?

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  1. Hahaha! Oh Steve, you are so darn clever! You and your garden hose.